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Scruffs Work T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

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      Ideal for warmer weather or when a lighter bottom layer is needed underneath a coat or bodywarmer, t-shirts are one of the most widely worn garments in the entirety of the clothing world. Scruffs polo shirts provide the benefits as Scruffs t-shirts but have a slightly smarter outward appearance - often regarded as useful when working with customer-facing professions. Being among the most popular forms of clothing, both in and out of the workplace, its not surprising that Scruffs t-shirts and polo shirts contain a number of smart, work-focused enhancements that make them highly suitable for many trades and professions. Scruffs create effective shirts that do what they need to at a reasonable price.

      Scruffs Work T-shirts

      The t-shirt range has been made from a polycotton blend. This provides the comfort of cotton mixed with the necessary-for-work durability of polyester, giving you the best of both worlds. In addition, they are all lightweight and have been left with minimal Scruffs branding to allow for your own company branding to be applied if you wish. 

      As an effective Scruffs t-shirt that does what it needs to do, the Scruffs worker t-shirt is a great choice. A feature-rich and great value option, this Scruffs work t-shirt has been built from the ground up. It uses stretch material, allowing for greater flexibility and comfort which is active at work.

      If you need a womens t shirt, Scruffs has the Scruffs womens trade t shirt that will get the job done. Scruffs have built these garments from scratch with women’s specific body-shape in mind. For example, the womens trade shirt is longer in length so it doesn’t ride up while you are work in it. In addition, this womens t shirt has unique features which aren’t on the mens t shirts, such as the cotton fabric being treated with an anti-bacterial fabric finish to help you stay feeling fresh and clean all day long. 

      Scruffs polo shirts

      Scruffs’ base version of the classic polo shirt design is the Scruffs worker polo shirt, which looks the part and has been built to last. Similar to the Scruffs t shirts, this Scruffs polo shirt uses polycotton fabric to create a lightweight and easy-to-care-for shirt. Stretch material is also used here to increase ease of movement for the wearer. Ribbed cuffs and a dipped back hem help make the shirt even more comfortable for use at work. As a polo shirt, its natural that there will be a few formal characteristics in the design and this is true. This Scruffs work polo shirt has a button placket and collar design, for the professional look.

      If you need a bit more out of your Scruffs polo shirt, take a look at the Scruffs trade active polo shirt, ideal if you're on the move all day at work. The mesh in this polo shirt is breathable to help keep body temperature under control while you are wearing it, which is a crucial feature in warm weather. Furthermore, this Scruffs polo shirt is made from 100% polyester, giving it a durability no often found in work t shirts.

      Our review of the Scruffs Shirts range

      With a range encompassing your classic shirts, as well as more feature heavy options, the Scruffs workwear t shirts range has a little something for everyone. There are several clear choices to make, and the range isn’t cluttered with an overwhelming number of options. The options that are available provide a range of fabric enhancements to make s simple garment work really well throught an active woking day. We see the Scruffs range as effective work t shirts and polo shirts that do what they need to with little to no fuss.

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      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Scruffs T-shirts and polo shirts to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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