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      Summary of the Regatta Jackets range and our view on the collection

      What you wear on your upper half is a crucial part of any workwear outfit. As outermost layers on an outfit, work jackets and coats have the important requirements of being functional, comfortable and highly adaptable all at once to provide everything that the wearer needs in different working conditions and environments. As a brand who’s built themselves a reputation on creating garments that are ideally suited to the ‘great outdoors’, it’s no wonder that Regatta professional has developed an extensive range of both Regatta mens jackets and Regatta ladies jackets for work. Deploying a range of differing fabrics and technologies, different styles and colours, and a multitude of features; it is pretty much a certainty that there will be a Regatta jacket that is right for you and your working needs.

      The Best Regatta Waterproof Jacket?

      Containing everything from a classic Regatta waterproof jacket for elements protection, to a Regatta heated jacket in chilling conditions or even a Regatta 3 in 1 jacket that can be customised to your liking, the Regatta professional jacket range is certainly worth a deep dive. 

      Each item in and of itself is available in a number of different sizes and colours. You can get your classic high demand items like a Regatta Black jacket or Regatta navy jacket, or maybe you prefer to stand out more and want a Regatta red jacket like the pace 2 lightweight jacket. Depending on your situation you may require a Regatta hi vis jacket preparing you for adverse weather conditions or work at night. Hi vis workwear is even more crucial for outdoors workers, so its fortunate that Regatta’s background in outdoors clothing prepares them to make hi vis coats that are prepared for such dangers.

      Regarding the variety of the Regatta coat and jackets range its difficult to know where to start given the variety on offer. Need a lightweight but still water repellent jacket, a Regatta soft shell jacket would suit you well. Something for freezing conditions, a Regatta heated jacket or quilted jacket will be great for you. What about all-round workers who could be in all sorts of environments each day? A Regatta 3 in 1 jacket will allow you to wear the garment however you want it, thanks to their detachable inner layer, meaning they can be worn with just the light inner layer, just the hard wearing outer layer, or both together for those environments that require it.

      Regatta Waterproof and 3-in-1 Jackets

      Given Regatta’s established knowledge regarding outdoors clothing, it makes complete sense that they would be able to produce Regatta waterproof coats and Regatta parkas that both protect the wearer from the weather and are utilitous in helping the wearer complete their tasks unencumbered. The best Regatta waterproof jackets are those that conform to the EN 343 safety certification. This is an official recognition of their effectiveness in keeping the wearer dry, and is rated between class 1 and 3 in terms of effectiveness. The classification takes into account the waterproof coating on the garment and what other aspects of weather protection are involved, such as windproofing or breathability. To get class 3, a jacket must have taped seams as well, which is what enables this degree of weather protection. One such example is the regatta bertille waterproof jacket, or the Regatta Kingsley stretch 3 in 1 jacket.

      Regatta Softshell Jackets

      Softshell jackets are made to be lightweight, warm and stretchy, allowing for unrestricted movement that wouldn’t be possible with more heavyweight, thicker jackets, yet the warmth and comfort of a workwear jacket still remains. Regatta professional softshell jackets are fitted with the same features and characteristics as their other coats, such as waterproofing and breathability gained through membrane fabric, water repellant treatment and taped seams, but in the lighter form factor of a softshell coat. Given this, Regatta’s softshells make for a great layer within an overall work outfit, acting as either a middle layer in winter, or an outer layer in interim seasons.

      Regatta Insulated Thermal and Padded jackets

      In colder conditions, a Regatta winter jacket, such as a heated coat or even a padded jacket can prove invaluable. Aside from features commonly seen in other jackets like waterproofing, taped seams and storm cuffs which all do their part in keeping the wearer warm, Regatta Professional coats have a number of other key features. Regatta winter coats like the firedown downtouch insulated jacket use Warmloft down-touch performance technology insulation to retain the wearer's heat and protect them from the cold. The insulation in this specific jacket is high loft polyester insulation - 60gsm. This creates large air pockets within the polyester that retain heat inside, whilst also not adding weight to the overall garment. And, of course it would be difficult to discuss Regatta thermal jackets without mentioning their range of thermogen Regatta heated jackets. Thermogen jackets feature active battery powered heating systems, with a large heated plate at the back of the jacket keeping the wearer warm thanks to a battery pack.

      Regatta Parka Jackets

      Parka jackets are longer than ordinary winter jackets, allowing for more protection from the cold at the back. Some Regatta Parka jackets have concealed hoods with adjustable elastic drawstrings, so it can fit closely to your head and retain heat remains around it. Regatta Parka jackets are usually waterproof and conform to EN 343 safety certifications as being so, thanks to the use of windproof and waterproof fabrics and the inclusion of taped seams, as seen with the Regatta Darby 3 insulated Parka Jacket and its use of Waterproof Hydrafort 5000 peached polyester fabric. There is also a Regatta hi vis parka in the pro hi vis insulated parka to help keep you seen while outdoors. 

      The Guru’s view on the Regatta Jackets range

      Regatta have plenty of experience over the years making jackets and coats that are right at home when exposed to the outdoor elements. It’s pretty clear they have very effectively deployed this expertise and adapted their techniques to the world of work, creating an effective range. Their products speak for themselves as clearly made by those who fully understand what they are doing. Their clever use of both proprietary technologies and fabrics as well as those well-established in the industry has enabled them to create a reasonably priced yet high performing range of work jackets that can weather the elements well.

      We deliver Regatta ladies and mens jackets worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Regatta coats and jackets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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