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Regatta Professional Gilets and Bodywarmers

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      Need to keep warm and have easy access to your pockets, whilst also having the freedom of movement necessary to do your job? A gilet or bodywarmer is just what you need. Given their sleeveless design, the wearer can move their arms in all directions while their chest and back is cushioned by warmth, usually thanks to insulation or quilt padding. This practicality makes work gilets and bodywarmers a go-to choice during interim seasons. As part of Regatta professionals vast workwear collection, you are almost certain to find a Regatta bodywarmer, gilet or vest that will suit you. They have everything from smart work gilets that blend into country life like the Moreton quilted gilet to the more hard wearing garments like the tactical regime insulated bodywarmer.

      Regatta Gilets

      The Regatta gillet range can be subdivided based on a number of factors, including the material they are made from. Starting with softshell, and much like softshell jackets, the gilets that use softshell can more easily be amplified with stretch to further increase the mobility a gilet or bodywarmer already provides. Softshell gilets are also highly water resistant and quick drying in case you get caught out by the weather. In addition, a softshell gilet is great to wear from a breathability standpoint, as it is a woven fabric and has tiny gaps in it, in order help to let moisture out.

      Fleece Regatta professional gilets are all about warmth and comfort, not so say that it compromises on function though. Regatta frequently use microfleece in their gilets, which keeps the bulkiness down but allows them to still be as warm as any jacket. Anti-pill is another type of fleece that Regatta frequently uses on their gilets and bodywarmers, which means that fleece won’t “bobble” and wear down over repeated washing. Regatta Fleece gilets still contain pockets and are quick to dry. Essentially softshell gilets are more work oriented, and fleece gilets are primarily about being cozy whilst also still having practicality.

      One of the reasons you would choose a Regatta gilet over a similar garment is for the warmth it would provide you whilst on the job. The Moreton quilted gilet is ideal for agricultural work and is quilt padded and has thermoguard insulation integrated to keep you warm, as well as being a practical garment in its own right.

      Regatta Bodywarmers

      One of Regatta professional’s most expansive ranges is actually the Regatta bodywarmer range. Making use of materials such as ripstop as well as quilt and fleece, has allowed Regatta to create a bodywarmers range that caters to a vast number of niches in the workwear market. There’s insulated and fleece Regatta bodywarmers such as the Haber 2 fleece bodywarmer and the stage 2 insulated bodywarmer, that use thermoguard and padding to create a bodywarmer that excels at comfort. Then, there's the more practical bodywarmers out there, like the x pro icefall 2 bodywarmer that has not just a water resistant exterior, but also welded seams as effective windproofing. What's more, this Regatta bodywarmer interestingly has stretch bindings between the hem, collar and armholes, increasing the freedom of movement in the garment, which is ideal, as one of a work bodywarmers primary appeals is being a utilities garment that keeps you warm whilst not restricting your ability to move.

      Regatta Vests

      A product that’s certainly worth highlighting is the Regatta Professional Platoon Utility Vest. Sporting a military design with 5 pockets of storage  – this men’s utility gilet is also designed to look the part, perfect for both style and function. Furthermore, this men’s utility vest is made from sustainable Coolweave cotton, giving it the cool and comfortable feel workers love, heightened further by the mesh lining.

      The Guru’s view on the Regatta Gilet, Bodywarmer and Vest range

      Regatta have once again used their expertise in outdoor wear to bring create an affordable yet high performing range that gives workers the warmth and functionality they need for jobs that require freedom of movement. What’s more, most of the range are stylish enough to be worn outside of work as well, given the general appeal of bodywarmers, gilets and work vests as a garment. 

      We deliver Regatta bodywarmers, gilets and vests worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Regatta gilets, vests and bodywarmers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Gurus collection to see our entire Regatta range, plus thousands of different vests, bodywarmers and gilets from all the top brands.