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      An important aspect of workwear clothing is freedom of movement. With workers needing to move their bodies freely to perform active tasks to the best of their ability, it's hard to believe that freedom of movement isn’t discussed as much as many other aspects, such as protective features. There are many occasions where a worker will greatly benefit from this additional freedom, yet may at the same time be subjected to adverse weather. In this case, a work jacket or sweatshirt could keep them warm, but it would also impact the freedom of the worker's arm movement as well. Bodywarmers, vests, and gilets are all possible solutions to this problem They keep the torso warm and protected, but are sleeveless, allowing the wearer a wide range of motion. Each of these garments possesses its own distinct features including variations in style, intended work environment, and intended function. These different strengths are why it's so it's important you choose the correct garment for your own particular needs.

      Workwear Bodywarmers

      If above all else, you want to keep warm in a stylish way, Bodywarmers are the ideal choice for you. Our workwear bodywarmers range utilises fleece-lining and other types of padding to ensure the warmth of the wearer. Aside from padding, our thermal bodywarmers come with a number of other additions that keep the wearer cozy. For example, our work waistcoats may have handwarmer pockets on the front, or they may have a storm flap, which will cause rain to bead off the bodywarmer. This also deflects wind away, keeping the elements from getting to your chest or back. Our water-resistant fleece bodywarmers are great for this purpose.

      If you’re in need of a safety bodywarmer, our extensive hi vis body warmer range awaits you, sporting fluorescent colours and reflective tape to help you stay seen whilst working. Whether or not you decide to go for a traditional yellow or orange hi vis bodywarmer or a more unique-looking pink hi vis bodywarmer, be assured that the entirety of this range has had its visibility tested at different times of day and in various environmental conditions, and is classed according to how well it meets the criteria laid out by the EN ISO 20471 safety standard.

      Our bodywarmer range certainly is not deprived of other relevant and useful workwear features. A variety of chest, front and back pockets across the range give wearers their most important equipment within arms reach and allow them to store plenty more on their person. Many of these pockets are also reinforced with CORDURA® and Kevlar® to make the products, even more puncture-resistant, durable and to improve the lifespan of the bodywarmer.

      Work Gilets

      Operating in the workwear market as a garment with a balance between the utility of work vests and the style and warmth of bodywarmers, work gilets can be useful in a wide range of job roles. Adjustable hems and elasticated waistbands help guarantee a form fit, which makes performing tasks in the workplace much easier, not to mention making the garment a more comfortable garment for you to wear. It's not all down to aesthetics. Our utility gilets also contain stretch material fitted at key areas of strain in their design, which further improves the gilet jacket wearer's freedom of movement, and has the alternate upside of increasing the life of the gilet.

      Work Vests

      Lastly, we have the widely used work vests. Work vests are sleeveless, utility garments that are often underrated as an effective workwear option. A workwear vest operates in the same way as a gilet or bodywarmer would, in that it acts as a light-mid weight layer that focuses on protecting the torso, while not compromising on the wearer's freedom of movement. The key difference between workwear vests and work bodywarmers and gilets, however, is that vests are lighter and not as bulky as bodywarmers or gilets tend to be. What's more, work vests have expanded storage capabilities including specialised pockets like pen and holster pockets as well as D-rings, which, along with key points of wear like the seams, are frequently reinforced with Cordura and Kevlar, improving the life and functionality of the vest. With a work vest, you can carry your tools in a convenient way without the need for a heavy coat or jacket. These reasons are why vests stand as the most practical of the three types of garment, especially for sole traders.

      Hi Vis Work Vests

      Reflective vests increase the visibility of the worker wearing them and, thanks to them only being lightweight layers, they don’t have to dictate the rest of the worker's outfit. An individual can simply wear whatever they want to work, then all they have to do is add this hi-vis vest as their topmost layer as a security measure, as-and-when needed. Thanks to this convenience, a fluorescent vest is applicable to many different types of workers.

      We stock a wide range of hi vis vests in a whole host of vibrant colours, leaving you plenty to choose from for your work vest. You can’t go wrong with a traditional orange or yellow hi vis vest, or even the increasingly popular hi vis colours like red or pink. What about trying out a two tone hi vis vest? Designs such as these are as stylish as a hi vis work vest can get, having a combination of a vibrant hi vis colour and a non-hi vis, darker colour.

      Hi vis vests are one of the most popular choices for businesses to purchase in bulk for their construction workforce to wear. This is because they are easily customisable, so branding can be added, and, due to their lightweight and unrestricted freedom of movement, they can be used widely across multiple different industries. 

      Tool Vests

      If, as it often is, utility is the primary concern of the buyer, a tool vest is exactly what's necessary. Tool vests have the pockets and clips to carry your work equipment on your person, whilst still being durable, lightweight, and allowing for a high degree of freedom of movement for the wearer, something any work vest should provide. The fact that a single garment can blend all this together is why tool vests remain one of our most popular ranges. To further aid freedom of movement, our work tool vests include stretch material in their design. This enables our 4-way stretch vests to move freely in every direction, making the great freedom of movement capabilities a tool vest already provides a worker even better.

      Heavy-duty tool vests have to carry job equipment such as tools and components as well as additional features, to give the vest the ability to support the wearer on the job day in and day out. The level of responsibility and the amount of tools these vests carry is why these vests are supported by Kevlar and Cordura reinforcement at key areas of wear, namely the seams and the pockets. Thanks to these additional reinforcements, the vest pockets are more resistant to being pierced by sharp objects. Robust stitching also means they are more than capable of holding the tools and equipment you need them to without degrading or breaking easily.

      We stock bodywarmer’s, gilets, and vests in both men and women's sizes and deliver them worldwide

      Whether you decide to go for a traditional workwear gilet, a warm and comfy bodywarmer, or prefer a practical work vest, we’ve got you covered.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver vests, bodywarmers, and gilets to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.