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      Regatta Professional Work Hoodies and Sweatshirts - Our view on the range

      Jumpers, hoodies and sweatshirts carry a relaxed appearance and usually function as either an outer layer or middle layer in an outfit. As an adaptable part of the outfit they can easily be used in their own right or as part of a layering system, taken off and put on when conditions dictate. However, work hoodies and jumpers can offer more then just this, as is shown by the variety found in the Regatta hoodie, Regatta sweatshirt and Regatta jumper ranges.

      Regatta Hoodies

      The Regatta hoodies range offers basic working jumpers like the ‘Regatta 40 years hoodie’ or the Regatta Disruptive Overhead Hoodie. These come with fleece lining and kangaroo handwarmer pockets like traditional hoodies, and allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable on the job. And you can always also put your hood up to protect yourself from icy winds or just to offer increased warmth.

      Regatta also have hoodies that have been designed to withstand the day-in-day out grind many workers go through, the Regatta Tactical Major hoodie being one such example. This hoodie has been made from polycotton fabric, which means it offers both the durability of polyester with the comfort of cotton, both of which are equally important in the world of workwear. Speaking of protection, there are strategically located ripstop panels on the tactical major hoodies, which helps reduce the impact of daily wear and tear and thus prolongs the life of the garment.

      For when it is required, it’s always good to have a range of hi vis garments in your workwear wardrobe. A hoodie is no exception. Regatta hoodies have practical hi vis versions that abide by EN ISO 20471 safety standards as being certified effective pieces of hi vis workwear. Regatta’s pro vis full zip hoodie has all the advantages of hoodies already listed but with the addition of angled hi-vis chevrons to ensure you stay seen in low light conditions.

      Regatta Sweatshirts and Regatta Jumpers

      As for Regatta jumpers and sweatshirts, there is either the essential sweatshirt or the two tone sweatshirt, both of which have durable ribbed collars, cuffs and hems, and would be excellent under a coat or over a t-shirt.

      The Workwear Gurus view on the Regatta Hoodie and Regatta Sweatshirt range

      Whether full-string, half-string or pullover, Regatta professional’s collection of hoodies, sweatshirts and jumpers can fulfill your need for an additional layer of warmth, whilst also being ready for the rough nature of outdoors work and are built to account for it. Stylish, practical and comfortable they offer a rightly popular choice for workers of many professions. Regatta use their expertise in the outdoor and active wear spaces to provide a great range of highly practical hoodies and sweaters.

      We deliver Regatta hoodies, jumpers and sweatshirts worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Regatta professional hoodies and jumpers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Gurus collection to see our entire range of thousands of different hoodies and jumpers from all the top brands.