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      Given the continuous hazards and obstacles in the workplace, you’ll want to make sure every part of your body is as safe as it can be. This extends to your head as well. If toe caps can protect your feet from falling debris, what's going to protect your head? Here's where the Portwest head protection range comes in. Containing everything from Portwest hard hats to bump caps, you can find the correct protective headgear here for your working needs.

      Portwest Hard Hats and Helmets

      The most unique Portwest hard hat is called the PV60 peak view ratchet hard hat, as it has an innovative design that is patented by Portwest themselves. The strong and ultra-low weight polycarbonate shell that makes up the upper part of the hat is actually translucent, meaning that workers won’t need to tilt their heads to look upwards, they can see through the helmet. In addition, this Portwest helmet is vented which is a relief due to how hot it can normally get under a hard hat. The additional breathability is greatly appreciated.

      Despite being see-through, the PV60 and similar hard hats are certified as having UV 400 protection against harmful UV rays; yet another thing you don’t need to worry about with Portwest headwear.

      To get the ideal fit with these hard hats, you can either use a ratchet size wheel or an adjustable buckle, depending on what's been integrated into each one. 

      Portwest Bump Caps

      Looking more like casual headwear, Portwest bump caps are safety headwear meant to protect against smaller impacts and light whilst still being comfortable. The range of bump caps Portwest appeals to plenty of different work environments and needs. For example, the bump cap peaks range from 3cm, where you gain increased visibility, to 7cm, which will protect you from more UV rays. 5cm acts as a great middle-ground between the two.

      Materials like cooling mesh fabric and high durability EVA keep the wearer comfortable and add breathability, while the inner ABS shell usually come with acts as a shock absorption pad for the head of the wearer. There are even hi-vis bump caps like the PS59 Airtech bump cap which is available in a range of high visibility colours, exacerbated by reflective hi-vis piping being added to the outside of the cap. A great choice when working in low light conditions.

      Portwest Beanies

      As you would expect from Portwest the collection extends beyond safety headwear and caps. Portwest LED beanies are an example of technology being integrated seamlessly into workwear. This warm and comfortable acrylic beanie hat features a removable LED front light for superior visibility in low light conditions. The rechargeable LED can be charged in a USB port. 

      We deliver Portwest Hats Worldwide!

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Portwest Hats to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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