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Portwest Flame Retardant Workwear

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      Given the persistent dangers across working industries, it is important to wear workwear that is suited to you and your job to best prepare yourself for dangers that are specific to you. One of the most common hazards is flame, fire, and high levels of heat. Flame retardant workwear was created to combat this. Portwest has a couple of specific ranges built specifically to deal with heat-based issues, and plenty of other Portwest clothing with flame retardant properties, so you can get just what you need to combat the heat issues of your workplace.

      There are several ways Portwest implements flame resistance into their clothing, depending on the specific type of garment. For Portwest jackets and coats, the waterproof fabric used in them has been flame-resistant treated so the coat not only protects against water but flames also. Even the reflective tape on Portwest hi-vis clothing is premium, reflective tape that is flame-repellent. Usually, the flame resistances on Portwest clothing will protect you from radiant convective and contact heat. What's more, the inherent flame resistant qualities of the garment will not diminish when they are being washed, guaranteeing flame resistance for the entire life of the product.

      Portwest also makes some more unique flame retardant clothing you wouldn’t usually see, including a formal-looking shirt; the FR69. This shirt looks like it would fit in anywhere, both casually and professionally but offers maximum protection against heat, flames, and light chemical hazards, not to mention being anti-static. It is a great choice for discrete safety wear.

      Portwest Araflame

      Portwest even developed their own type of flame retardant fabric called Araflame. Made from 93% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid and 2% carbon fibre, this fabric emphasises high tensile and tear strength and comfort along with the expected flame resistance. The Portwest Araflame range contains mostly flame retardant coveralls along with an Araflame jacket. All Araflame workwear is hi-vis certified on the EN ISO 20471 safety standard and even uses special flame-resistant reflective tape to enhance the noticeability further, whilst ensuring it still remains a wholly flame retardant garment. The entire range has innate flame-resistant qualities to protect the wearer from radiant, convective, and contact heat, which don’t diminish when the clothes are washed. This along with triple-stitched seams ensures that Portwest Araflame garments will have long and productive lives.

      Portwest Modaflame

      Similarly, another of the flame-resistant ranges is Portwest Modaflame. Modaflame is akin to Araflame in that its range covers hi-vis workwear that has inherent flame resistance which won’t diminish over time. The Modaflame range does however contain a lot more of a variety in the workwear they carry, including Portwest flame retardant trousers and overalls.

      Portwest Bizflame

      Perhaps the most significant Portwest flame resistant range is the Portwest Bizflame range. This range encompasses various types of FR workwear, from Portwest Bizflame trousers and Bizflame jackets to Bizflame overalls and FR shirts, some available in hi-vis and some non-hi-vis. Much like some of Portwests other flame resistant ranges, the Bizflame garments are all resistant to convective, contact, and radiant heat, with the hi-vis garments in the range having been fitted with flame resistant reflective tape. However, the many different types of Bizflame fabric allow these Portwest garments to stand out by giving them features the other flame-resistant ranges don’t have. As an example, Bizflame ultra enables its clothing to be 100% metal-free and anti-static as a result, reducing the likelihood of a build of electricity that may have resulted in a flame being ignited. The Bizflame FR38 pro coverall is a great example of the potential of Bizflame, as it has all of the heat resistant features already discussed as well as additional safety features like being certified to protect against molten metal splashes and improved comfort through an adjustable hem and an elastic waist.

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      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Portwest flame retardant workwear to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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