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Muck Boots Edgewater

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      Muck Boots Edgewater collection is a testament to the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and practicality, tailored for the demands of workwear. These boots, a staple for professionals in various fields, have established a reputation for their robust performance and reliability.

      Design and Material

      The Muck Boots Edgewater series, available in moss green and black, exhibits a modest and classic design. These boots are constructed with a 4-way stretch nylon and a 5mm neoprene bootie, ensuring a snug fit around the calves while offering exceptional warmth. The neoprene/rubber composition with a wrap-around outsole offers durability and flexibility, suitable for various work environments. The stretch-fit top line binding further enhances the fit, keeping the warmth in and cold out, an essential feature for those working in outdoor or cold environments.

      Durability and Protection

      The Edgewater boots are known for their reinforced, protective rubber shell on the heel and toe, adding an extra layer of durability. The self-cleaning outsole wraps around the entire perimeter of the boot, providing maximum protection and stability, especially on steep or uneven terrain. This design aspect makes the boots ideal for work that involves moving across various types of surfaces, from slippery rocks to treestand grates.

      Ease of Maintenance

      An added benefit of the Edgewater series is the ease of maintenance. The boots feature a self-cleaning outsole, making them easy to clean after a day's work. A simple hose down is all it takes to remove dirt and debris, ensuring that the boots are ready for the next day’s work without much hassle.

      In summary, Muck Boots Edgewater collection stands out for its robust construction, waterproof and insulated design, and practical features tailored for work environments. Their durability, coupled with ease of maintenance, makes them a wise choice for professionals in various fields.

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