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      Looking for hard-wearing and smart workwear that combines innovative features, freedom of movement, and high levels of comfort? Check out the MASCOT CUSTOMIZED range, which includes a variety of products to meet your needs. With lighter, stronger, and more stretchy materials, you can find the perfect clothing that feels comfortable for you. The range also offers a wide choice of colors and color combinations, allowing you to match your company's profile or personal style.

      MASCOT CUSTOMIZED products are designed for durability. All materials are tested multiple times before being put into production, and clothing and features are tested by colleagues to ensure they can withstand the rigours of the job. To further ensure longevity, the range includes water and dirt-repellent treatments and extra wear-resistant knee pads and holster pockets.

      Holster pockets are a vital component of the MASCOT CUSTOMIZED range, with compartments designed to suit the needs of electricians, painters, and other tradespeople. The range includes holster pockets that can be easily transferred from work trousers to shorts, thanks to the Click Pocket System. These pockets are sold separately, which means you can replace them when they wear out without having to replace your trousers.

      For a total workwear solution, the MASCOT CUSTOMIZED range includes a wide variety of matching tops to complete your look. Additionally, the range features multiple products made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyamide from surplus materials in textile production and recycled polyester from plastic materials like used plastic bottles.

      Overall, the MASCOT CUSTOMIZED range provides high-quality workwear that is designed to last, with innovative features and materials to meet your needs.