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Helly Hansen Baselayers and Thermals

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      Helly Hansen Base Layers and thermals

      As either an additional layer of warmth or something to wear as temperature regulation, a base layer certainly has its place in the workwear outfit of workers worldwide. Baselayers are the go to choice for active workers who are out-and-about all day.

      Helly Hansen understands the importance of a base layer in a clothing layering system. They have real pedigree in production of effective outdoor active workwear for extreme conditions. The Helly Hansen base layers range employs all this knowledge and expertise with great effectiveness - they have a very effective range of garments which we are very pleased to be able to offer amongst our collection.

      Helly Hansen thermal base layers provide that extra level of warmth in freezing working conditions, while not being too hot to the extent that the wearer is caused discomfort. This temperature regulation is achieved thanks to the techniques in the build that increase breathability, such as the garment being moisture wicking, allowing the skin to breathe. Naturally, it is this same breathability that makes baselayers such a popular option for active workers.

      These baselayers can also be used effectively outside of work in a variety of outdoors scenarios, increasing the value of the purchase even further.

      Helly Hansen Tops - Baselayer tops and Thermal Tops

      The top part of a baselayer can come in a few different forms. Common characteristics across the Helly Hansen baselayer range include the apparel having no shoulder or side seams. Having no visible seams here helps the baselayer retain heat produced by the wearer, thus maintaining their warmth. The material itself is breathable, so airflow is still possible despite the lack of seams in these places. Helly have their Lifa® technology in their baselayers which moves sweat and moisture away from the skin and to the outside of the garment, thus regulating temperature.

      On garments like the Helly Hansen Lifa Base Layer Merino Crewneck, this Lifa technology is expertly paired with Merino wool to give you the best of two worlds; warmth thanks to the wool, and no warmth due to the sweat or moisture as it gets removed thanks to the moisture wicking nature of the Helly Hansen lifa base layer.

      Helly Hansen Baselayer Trousers

      In partnership with base layer tops, Helly Hanson bottoms help manage temperature and moisture to keep the wearer comfortable and cool. The Helly Hansen thermal leggings are each geared towards a specific level of activity, giving workers plenty of options depending on how active they are at work, whether it be light, medium or intense activity levels. These base layer thermal trousers also have elasticated waists for a better fit and freedom of movement, which are crucial aspects to consider for any active worker. 

      Helly Hansen Baselayer features

      Of course these aren’t just regular baselayers, these are Helly Hansen baselayers - baselayers that have been designed specifically for the world of work. As such, the range is packed with features and characteristics fit for work.

      First, there's the Fakse Flame Retardant Pant which as the name implies can protect your bottom half from fire and heat and has the EN ISO 11612:2015 safety certification to prove it. Then there's the Lifa Active Half Zip Hi Vis Base Layer, which can help keep you seen as well as having Lifa Active technology that regulates temperature as well as being a UPF 50+ garment that protects the wearer from the sun's rays. Lifa Active also affords the baselayer natural odour control, which pairs great with the moisture wicking to provide a great experience for the most active of workers.

      Helly Hansen Thermals and Baselayers Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen baselayers, thermals and more to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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