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      As much as people consider the work jackets, trousers and shorts when they are getting a new work outfit, it's important to remember those garments that fill in the gaps of your uniform and give you adaptability to certain conditions. These are your workwear accessories and they are often equally important to consider as your main workwear pieces are. Helly Hansen is one of the manufacturers we work with that really understands this, and has a comprehensive collection of Helly Hansen gloves, hats, belts, kneepads and more to provide you with everything you need for a working day.

      Helly Hansen Hats - Beanies, Caps and more

      Given Helly’s extensive history creating clothing for cold environments, it's no surprise that their Helly Hansen beanies excel at keeping the wearer feeling nice and toasty while at work. The 150 years of experience have certainly come in handy here. For such a reasonable price, HH hats offer everything you could need.

      Firstly, there are the classic acrylic beanies, such as the Helly Manchester beanie and Oxford beanie, which offer the essential warmth you need from a beanie and are lightweight to boot. You can’t go far wrong with these.

      Then if you want ultimate comfort, you can take a look at a HH wool beanie, like the Kensington wool beanie, which also features a fleece headband for maximum warmth. Helly Hansen beanies are also fitted with Helly’s techniques seen on the rest of their range. Most notable is the Lifa Merino Beanie, which has the warmth of wool but the addition of Lifa technology to draw sweat away and outside of the hat. As a result, the Merino beanie is the perfect hat for workers who need to do a lot of activity on cold days. Then there's also hats like the Oxford light fleece beanie that comes with 4-way stretch material integrated into the design, allowing for a great fit.

      Beanies aren’t all HH offers in terms of headwear. While a beanie is great in the cold, for the opposite, a cap is ideal. Apart from providing excellent protection from the sun, caps truly are where comfort meets style. Helly Hansen caps look great whether worn in or out of work, making them a great accessory investment. On top of that, they are all in a one-size-fits-most fitting.

      Different types of Helly Hansen Knee Pads

      From a protection standpoint, anyone who spends a lot of time working on their knees understands the importance of a good set of kneepads. As many Helly Hansen trousers come with kneepad pockets, it makes sense that they have their own range of kneepads to boot. HH kneepads are lightweight and feature an ergonomic shape that have been designed to work well with the majority of HH trousers and shorts. 

      Helly Hansen knee pads can be split into three different categories; standard, performance and xtra protective.The standard kneepads are the most affordable kneepads in the range. They are lightweight and get the job done. Then there is the performance kneepads which are similar but with the addition of EVA inside for extra soft comfort when kneeling down on them. Then we have xtra protective kneepads, which have  Perforated holes that gives the wearer better ventilation. Helly Hansen xtra protective kneepads also have a unique advantage in that they can be washed at up to 75 degrees, meaning they can be kept in your work pants and washed along with them.

      Helly Hansen Socks

      Even socks got the Helly Hansen treatment. There is likely a pair here for you and your needs. Some socks, like the Magni Winter Socks, are winter insulated with Primaloft insulation while others, like the Helly Hansen Chelsea evolution summer socks have Lifa fibres in the build for moisture control and breathability in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Mesh ventilation only amplifies this breathability further. Helly have a pair of socks ready for you at any time of year.

      Many HH socks also aid the ergonomics of your movement, such as by adding ankle-flex and protecting the heel and toe with features like nanoglide, which reduces strain on the feet and is a staple of performance socks.

      Helly Hansen Accessories Delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen belts, gloves, socks and more to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      Have a look at our main Workwear Gurus collection to see our entire range of thousands of different workwear accessories from all the top brands.