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      Chef Jackets

      In some professions, there is little need for extravagant workwear with a plethora of features. Sometimes it's best to stick to smart, to-the-point workwear. Many professionals out there across a variety of industries understand this and have come to search out workwear specifically designed for use in their specific industry. One of the best examples of this is chef jackets, used in the culinary industry to cleanly and efficiently deal with food. Taking into account the number of brands we work with, it should come as no surprise that we stock some of the best chef jackets in the world, all built specifically for use in the culinary industry.

      Our breathable chef jackets and cool vent chef jackets are designed to be comfortable lightweight wear that will keep you cool in the kitchen. When working in a hot environment, especially one as fast-paced as a kitchen, breathability can be an ideal characteristic for your workwear to have. By allowing warm moisture to leave through your jacket and evaporate, the wearer is kept dry and cool and it’s also good from a hygiene standpoint.

      Our kitchen coat styles include modern chef jackets, classic jackets, and both long sleeve and short sleeve chef jackets, so you can get the professional chef jackets you need based on your role in the kitchen. Some chefs prefer to wear warehouse coats, which can achieve some of the same goals as dedicated kitchenwear.

      Personalised Kitchen Jackets

      Looking to get all of your kitchen staff in the same kitchen uniform? Working with our partner Portwest, we can create personalized chef jackets featuring your business name or logo. Wearing such jackets will help your kitchen staff feel like more of a team and give your brand more of a professional image. Alternatively, workers may want adjustments made to their workwear despite not being prompted by their place of work to do so. They may do this due to a sense of personal style or a need they have. To make an inquiry regarding our personalised chef jackets, you can contact us here to discuss the request further.

      The colours of our Chef Coats

      While white chef jackets are the traditional option, thanks to their heat-repellant nature and easily identifiable stains, there are far more chef jacket colours out there than just white. Coloured chef jackets are becoming increasingly available in the modern workwear market, ranging from classic colours to more vibrant ones like red chef jackets and purple chef jackets. These bold colours are useful for businesses wanting their culinary workforce to have workwear that is colour-co-ordinated with their brands colour scheme. Black chef jackets are a popular colour choice for modern chef jackets, if not more so than white. Using black means that any stains will be well-hidden from customers, thus opening up the possibility for the chefs to be on proud display to customers while at work.

      Kitchen Coats Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver the best kitchen jackets and coats to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

      We also stock chef trousers, and much, much more from other industry veterans.

      If you would like to see our entire range of Work Jackets, you can visit our general jackets collection.