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      Base safety knows that different tasks across all industries call for different types of footwear. Regardless of the features each pair has, the shape of the model is sometimes all it takes to decide on the right pair for you. As part of their comprehensive safety footwear range, there is a large range of Base safety trainers and safety shoes.

      Safety trainers are a more casual version of safety footwear and are commonly seen used across light to medium level industrial positions. Just because they are lighter than boots, by no means does this mean that Base’s trainers aren’t up to use at work, as they have many of the same features as the boots range does, just in a more casual package.

      Where Base trainers take the protection and comfort of Base’s boots and applies them to a casual setting, Base safety shoes do the same for a formal setting. You will look great in the office but will have the added protection and comfort that the rest of Base’s product range has as well. Between Base safety trainers, safety shoes and safety boots they likely have a pair that will prove useful to you in your workplace.

      Base protection safety shoes and trainers come with a variety of features

      Thanks to Base’s constant research and innovation across their product ranges, they have developed a comprehensive selection of patented technologies that are put to good use, especially in their trainers and shoes ranges. Given the differing form factors between the types of footwear, Base have cleverly implemented their features to complement the design of the shoe and enhance what each one aims to provide.

      For example, there is the SpaceCap feature, which is Base footwear’s new non-metallic toe cap.  This is designed to provide typical toe cap protection from falling objects and other hazards whilst not compromising the look of the safety shoe. It can retain its professional and formal appearance whilst still working as a safety shoe. Essentially its protection without sacrificing style. The fronts of these shoes, like the Cosmos safety shoes, have been made with these toe caps in mind and have been optimised for dissipating the energy generated by the impact.

      As for Base safety trainers, they are more the more active workers who are constantly on the move, such as warehouse workers but also would not look out of place outside of work. Given this nature, Base have decided to provide the majority of their safety trainers range with their Smellstop anti-odor lining, making the trainers anti-bacterial and much healthier to wear day in and day out. A dry n’air insole is also found in a high number of Base safety trainers, which removes moisture from within the trainer to improve air flow inside the shoes.

      Further improved by their patented features, Base safety trainers and shoes possess the fundamental certifications to support their effectiveness as safety footwear according to european standards. The shoes are awarded certifications like SRC slip resistance, HRO if they are heat resistant and ESD if they are anti-static for example. Base has gone through the correct channels and have done their research to ensure their products meet these official standards.

      We deliver the full Base Work Shoe range worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Base safety shoes and trainers to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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