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      Apache is a well-known brand in workwear clothing, with a range including jackets, trousers, shorts, and other types of protective clothing for work environments. They also offer a range of workwear accessories such as belts, socks and knee pads to provide additional protection and comfort to workers in many jobs and trades. 

      Apache Belts

      Apache belts are designed to be durable and practical, providing support and comfort for workers who wear them on a daily basis. The belts are made of high-quality materials such as leather or strong synthetic fabrics, and feature sturdy buckles that can withstand heavy use. Some belts may also come with additional features such as adjustable lengths or pouches for carrying small tools or accessories.

      Apache Socks

      Apache socks are a good option for anyone who wants high-quality work socks that provide a comfortable fit. And who doesn’t want that?. Available in black and grey colors, these socks are made from premium materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear of hard work. They feature a defined heel and toe shape, which ensures a better fit and reduces the chances of slipping or bunching. Whether you work on a construction site or in a factory, these socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable all day long. So, if you're looking for reliable work socks that provide both durability and comfort, Apache Socks are the solid choice.

      Apache Knee pads

      Apache knee pads are a great addition for people who want to protect their knees while working. These ergonomic knee pads are designed for optimal fit and comfort, ensuring that you can work for long hours without experiencing any discomfort. The knee pads are made from high-quality materials that are durable and able to withstand wear and tear. They also feature a contoured shape that fits comfortably around your knee, providing support and protection where you need it the most. Paired with Apache trousers, Apache knee pads are the ideal choice for your work shift.

      Apache Accessories delivered worldwide

      Here at Workwear Gurus, we stock the full range of Apache accessories  in many different sizes and models and are very happy to help you find the correct choice for your needs. We specialize in global shipping so we can deliver to most places around the world, we regularly deliver workwear to the EU, the US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and Worldwide.

      To see our full range of belts and socks from both Apache and plenty of other top brands please visit our full accessories collection.