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Nov 6, 2023

Top Waterproof Work Trousers for 2024: Essential Guide and Review

Six of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the quest for the perfect pair of waterproof trousers for work, the choices can be overwhelming. Factors such as material durability, weather resistance, comfort, and additional features play a crucial role in selecting the right pair. Our team, the Workwear Gurus, has delved deep into the world of waterproof trousers, combining our expertise with real-life feedback from customers who have put these products to the test. Our website showcases a plethora of options, but here, we're honing in on six standout products that have caught our attention for various reasons.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Blaklader Trousers
  • Best Snickers Trousers
  • Best Caterpillar H2O Defender Trousers Mens
  • Best Regatta Professional Trousers
  • Best Pulsar Workwear Trousers
  • Best Portwest Trousers
  • Our recommendation

Best Waterproof Trousers for Work

Best Blaklader Waterproof Trousers

Blaklader 1890 Waterproof Shell Trousers - Mens (18901977)

The Blaklader 1890 Waterproof Shell Trousers are a formidable ally against harsh weather conditions. Constructed from 100% polyester, these trousers are not only waterproof but also breathable, ensuring comfort during long working hours. The taped seams and zippers on the leg ends enhance their practicality, allowing for easy wear and removal.

 What We Liked:
 - Wind- and waterproof:
 - Ensures dryness in adverse weather conditions.
 - Elastic waistband and pre-bent legs:
 - Offer an excellent fit and mobility.
 -  Reflective details: Enhance visibility in low-light conditions.
 - Part-mesh lining: Provides good ventilation.

 Our Verdict:
  The Blaklader 1890 trousers excel in providing weather protection and comfort, making them an ideal choice for outdoor work environments.

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Best Snickers Waterproof Trousers

Snickers 8201 Waterproof Rain Trousers, PU

Snickers 8201 Trousers stand out for their superior waterproof technology. Adhering to EN 343 standards, they offer full protection against rain. The heat-sealed 3M reflective tapes add an element of safety by enhancing visibility.

 What We Liked:
 - 100% waterproof seams: Offer complete moisture protection.
 - 3M reflective tapes: Improve visibility for safety.
 - Convenient design: Easy to pull on, adding to the wearer's comfort.
 - Hook and loop adjustments: Provide a snug fit at the ankles.

 Our Verdict:
  These trousers are a top pick for anyone needing reliable waterproofing and visibility in their work attire.

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Best Caterpillar H2O Defender Trousers Mens

Caterpillar H2O Defender Trousers Mens

Caterpillar's H2O Defender Trousers blend functionality with comfort. The water-resistant coating and stretch fabric ensure dryness and ease of movement, while the CORDURA details and multiple pockets add to their practicality.

 What We Liked:
 - Water-resistant finish: Keeps the wearer dry.
 - Stretch fabric: Allows for optimal movement.
 - Multipurpose pockets: Offer convenient storage.
 - Reflective piping: Increases visibility.

 Our Verdict:
  These trousers are a versatile and durable choice, ideal for dynamic work environments where flexibility and water resistance are key.


Best Regatta Professional Waterproof Trousers

Regatta Professional Mens Strategic Softshell Work Trousers

The Regatta Professional Softshell Trousers are designed for comfort and durability. The windproof and water-resistant fabric, combined with CORDURA® knee pad pockets, make them suitable for various work settings.

 What We Liked:
 - Softshell fabric: Provides windproof and water-resistant protection.
 - CORDURA® knee pad pockets: Add durability.
 - Multiple tool pockets: Enhance functionality.
 - High back waistband: Offers added comfort.

 Our Verdict:
  These trousers are a great blend of functionality and comfort, perfect for professionals who require mobility and protection in their workwear.

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Best Pulsar Waterproof Trousers

PULSAR EVO101 Evolution Hi Vis Waterproof Over Trousers

The PULSAR EVO101 trousers are designed for high visibility and comfort in adverse weather. They meet EN ISO 20471 Class 2 and EN343 Class 4:4 standards, ensuring safety and weather resistance.

 What We Liked:
 - High visibility: Ensures safety in low-light conditions. 
 - RFX Reflective Tape: Provides improved abrasion resistance.
 - Elasticated waistband with draw cord: Ensures a secure fit.
 - Combat style thigh pockets: Offer practical storage.

 Our Verdict:
  These trousers are an excellent choice for those who prioritize safety and visibility, along with weather protection in their workwear.

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Best Portwest Waterproof Trousers

Portwest T604 PW3 Extreme Trousers

Portwest T604 PW3 Extreme Trousers offer a multitude of features, including reflective piping, secure pockets, and a padded back panel. Their breathable and waterproof fabric makes them ideal for challenging work environments.

 What We Liked:
 - Reflective piping: Enhances visibility. 
 - Secure zipped storage pockets: Provide safe storage options.
 - Breathable fabric: Offers comfort during long working hours.
 - Padded back panel: Adds extra warmth and protection.

  Our Verdict:
 These trousers are a high-performance option, perfect for those who need advanced features and protection in their workwear.

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The range of waterproof trousers available for work is vast, but the six products we've reviewed here stand out as some of the best in their category. Each pair offers unique features tailored to different work environments, ensuring that there's an option for everyone. From the practicality and durability of the Blaklader 1890 to the high visibility and comfort of the PULSAR EVO101, these trousers meet various needs while ensuring protection against the elements.

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