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Dec 14, 2023

Top Skechers Safety Footwear for 2024: Boots, Shoes, and More - Comprehensive Guide

Six of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the ever-evolving world of workwear, safety footwear stands as a crucial element for professionals across various industries. 2023/2024 ushers in a plethora of choices in safety footwear, making the selection process both exciting and daunting. Factors such as comfort, durability, certification standards, and specific work environment needs play pivotal roles in decision-making. At the forefront of this industry is Skechers, renowned for blending functionality with style in their safety footwear line. The Workwear Gurus, a team of seasoned experts, have delved into this expansive range, combining their professional insights with real-world feedback from customers. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the best of Skechers Safety Boots, Shoes, and Other Footwear, highlighting key features and suitability for various work settings. While our website showcases a wide array of options, this guide focuses on some of the most popular and personally favored products, providing an in-depth review of each.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Skechers Safety Boots
  • Best Skechers Safety Shoes
  • Best Skechers Safety Trainers
  • Best Skechers Arch Fit
  • Best Skechers Arch Fit for Women
  • Best Skechers Steel Toe Boots
  • Our recommendation

Top 6 Skechers Safety Boots, Skechers Safety Shoes and other Skechers Safety Footwear

Best Skechers Safety Boots

Skechers Ledom Safety Boots

The Skechers Ledom Safety Boots epitomize the balance of durability and comfort. These boots, with their waterproof safety hiker design, cater to demanding work environments. The combination of leather and textile materials not only offers longevity but also ensures a comfortable fit. Certified with EN ISO 20345:2011 WR FO SRC, these boots are a testament to safety and quality.

What we liked:
- Waterproof and durable design suitable for harsh conditions.
- Steel toe cap offering robust protection.
- Comfortable underfoot support for long working hours.
- Leather and textile materials providing both durability and comfort.

Our verdict:
 The Ledom Safety Boots are an excellent choice for those seeking reliable protection without compromising on comfort. Their robust construction and waterproof feature make them ideal for challenging work environments.

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Best Skechers Safety Shoes

Skechers Grinnell Soft Stride Safety Shoes Mens

Skechers Grinnell Soft Stride Safety Shoes combine sporty aesthetics with workplace resilience. The oiled suede and synthetic mesh fabric ensure breathability and durability. The Memory Foam insole and flexible nitrile rubber outsole provide exceptional comfort and slip resistance, making them suitable for dynamic work settings. Additionally, the shoes' composite toe and FO SRC certification highlight their safety aspects.

What we liked:
- Memory Foam insole for superior comfort.
- Slip-resistant outsole ideal for various surfaces.
- Stylish oiled suede design with durable construction.
- Composite toe for lightweight protection.

Our verdict:
 For those seeking a blend of comfort, style, and safety, the Grinnell Soft Stride is a standout choice. Its comfortable insole and slip-resistant features are perfect for active professionals.

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Best Skechers Safety Trainers

Skechers Greetah Composite Toe Cap Hiking Shoe Mens

The Skechers Greetah shoes are designed for the adventurous worker. Their composite toe cap and electrical hazard-safe design provide excellent protection. The waterproof, seam-sealed sport suede upper is perfect for outdoor conditions. The memory foam insole and high-traction outsole ensure comfort and stability in rugged terrains.

What we liked:
- Composite toe and EH safe design for maximum safety.
- Waterproof and durable for outdoor use.
- Memory Foam insole for comfort in harsh terrains.
- High-traction outsole suitable for various landscapes.

Our verdict:
 The Greetah shoes are ideal for those who work in challenging outdoor environments. Their safety features and comfortable design make them a top choice for outdoor professionals.

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Best Skechers Arch Fit

Skechers Riverbound Slip Resistant Sr Clogs

The Riverbound Sr Clogs are a testament to Skechers' commitment to comfort and safety. The patented Arch Fit footbed and lightweight EVA upper offer unparalleled comfort and support. Their slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole makes them suitable for kitchen and healthcare settings. The clogs' EN ISO 20347:2012 SRC certification assures safety standards.

What we liked:
- Arch Fit footbed for podiatrist-certified comfort.
- Slip-resistant and oil-resistant outsole.
- Lightweight and flexible design.
- Convertible heel strap for versatile wear.

Our verdict:
 For professionals in healthcare or culinary fields, the Riverbound Sr Clogs are a prime choice, offering both comfort and safety in demanding work environments.

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Best Skechers Arch Fit for Women

Skechers Riverbound Pasay Clogs - Womens

Similar to the men's version, the Riverbound Pasay Clogs for women offer exceptional comfort and safety. The Arch Fit footbed and flexible EVA upper cater to long hours on your feet. Their slip-resistant feature and certification make them an excellent choice for professionals in various industries.

What we liked:
- Designed for the unique foot shape of women.
- Superior arch support for prolonged comfort.
- Slip-resistant for safety in diverse work environments.
- Lightweight and flexible, reducing foot fatigue.

Our verdict:
 The Pasay Clogs are an excellent option for women seeking both comfort and safety in their work footwear. Their ergonomic design and safety features make them a top pick.

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Best Skechers Steel Toe Boots

Skechers Workshire Work Safety Boots Mens

The Workshire ST boot combines rugged durability with comfort. The full grain leather upper and steel safety toe offer robust protection. The memory foam insole and shock-absorbing midsole provide comfort for all-day wear. Its oil-resistant traction outsole and FO SRA certification ensure safety in various work environments.

What we liked:
- Full grain leather for durability.
- Steel safety toe for maximum protection.
- Memory Foam insole for comfort.
- Oil-resistant outsole suitable for diverse workplaces.

Our verdict:
 The Workshire ST boots are ideal for those in need of sturdy, protective footwear. Their comfort features and oil resistance make them a solid choice for a variety of professionals.

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The range of Skechers safety footwear reviewed here showcases the brand's commitment to providing high-quality, comfortable, and safe options for professionals across industries. Each product stands out for its unique features, catering to different work environments and needs. From the waterproof Ledom Safety Boots to the comfortable Riverbound Clogs, there's a Skecher safety shoe for every professional. These selections affirm that Skechers continues to be a leading choice for safety footwear in 2023/2024.

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