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Nov 5, 2023

Top Apache Clothing Picks for 2024: Ultimate Review

Nine of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the realm of workwear, the difference between adequate and exceptional can be found in the details: the stretch of a fabric, the strength of a stitch, the strategic placement of a pocket. With an overwhelming array of options available, professionals from various industries are met with the daunting task of finding the right apparel that can withstand the rigors of their daily routines. The Workwear Gurus, with their extensive expertise in durable attire, have taken on this challenge by examining the top offerings and incorporating invaluable feedback from customers who have put these items to the test in real-world scenarios. Whether browsing through our expansive collection on the website or considering your next functional fashion investment, these insights into the latest Apache workwear will guide you to choices that combine style with substance. Here, we present some of the most popular and our personal favorite pieces, each evaluated for its unique benefits, robustness, and suitability for demanding work environments. Let's delve into the top 9 selections that have set the standard for workwear excellence in 2023/2024.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Apache Work Trousers
  • Best Apache Work Boots
  • Best Apache Safety Trainer
  • Best Apache Shorts
  • Best Apache Jacket
  • Best Apache Hoodie
  • Best Apache Shoes
  • Best Apache Polo Shirt
  • Best Apache Fleece
  • Our recommendation

Top 9 Apache Clothing Articles

Best Apache Work Trousers

Apache ATS 3D Holster Pocket Stretch Trousers

 What We Liked:
  - Exceptional Flexibility: The 4-way stretch fabric offers unparalleled comfort and range of motion. 
  - Practical Design: Foldaway holster pockets and floating cargo pockets merge functionality with style.
  - Enhanced Durability: Reinforced with triple stitching and Cordura hems, these trousers are built to endure.
  - Comfort Features: Shaped knee pad holders and vented back of the knee bolster support and wearability.

 Our Verdict:
  The Apache ATS 3D Holster Pocket Stretch Trousers are a testament to the adage that comfort and durability can coexist. The innovative use of stretch fabric in a professional, fashion-fit cut makes these trousers as flattering as they are functional. The strategically reinforced seams promise longevity, while thoughtful details like reflective elements and secure pockets highlight Apache's commitment to practical workwear solutions.

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Best Apache Work Boots

Apache AP715SM Brown Safety Dealer Boots

 What We Liked:
 - Robust Protection: Steel toe cap and midsole ensure utmost safety for your feet.
 - Water-Resistant: The leather upper offers excellent resistance against wet conditions.
 - Comfort-Centric: With padded collar and tongue, comfort is guaranteed even during long work hours.
 - Superior Traction: The dual-density outsole provides excellent grip, reducing the risk of slips.

 Our Verdict:
  A solid choice for workers in heavy-duty environments, the Apache AP715SM Brown Safety Dealer Boots offer a secure fortress for your feet. Balancing safety regulations with ergonomic design, these boots are a dependable ally on rugged terrains and slippery surfaces alike, proving that protective footwear can also prioritize comfort and ease.

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Best Apache Safety Trainer

Apache Vault Black Lightweight Sports Safety Trainers

 What We Liked:
 - Sporty Aesthetics: These trainers bring a casual, athletic look to the job site.
 - Lightweight Design: Their construction ensures you can move quickly and with agility.
 - Reliable Safety Features: Steel toe caps and slip-resistant outsoles provide essential protection.
 - Everyday Comfort: With padded interiors and cushioning insoles, these are suitable for prolonged wear.

 Our Verdict:
  The Apache Vault Safety Trainers redefine work footwear with a nod to sporty style while not compromising on safety. Ideal for lighter industrial activities, they offer a breathable alternative to traditional boots, making them a go-to option for professionals who value mobility and modern aesthetics.

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Best Apache Shorts

Apache APKHT Grey and Black Ripstop Shorts Cordura Holster Pockets

 What We Liked:
 - Summer-Ready: Perfect for hot days, these shorts offer both comfort and coolness.
 - Resilient Material: Ripstop polycotton fabric resists tearing and wearing, ensuring longevity.
 - Utility Pockets: The abundance of pockets means all essentials are easily accessible.
 - Secure Fitting: Equipped with a YKK zip, they stay put no matter the task at hand.

 Our Verdict:
  Combining practicality with summer comfort, the Apache APKHT Ripstop Shorts are an excellent investment for those sweltering days on the job. They're more than just casual wear; these shorts are a utility tool in their own right, crafted to hold up against the pressures of physical work while keeping you cool and collected.

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Best Apache Jacket

Apache ATS Waterproof Padded Jacket

 What We Liked:
 - All-Weather Protection: The waterproof and padded design provides sanctuary from the elements.
 - Adaptive Features: A removable hood and adjustable cuffs allow for a custom fit.
  - Extra Durability: Reinforced panels protect against abrasion in high-contact areas.
  - Storage Solutions: Multiple pockets safeguard your belongings while allowing for easy access.

 Our Verdict:
  For those who don't let the cold dampen their spirits, the Apache ATS Waterproof Padded Jacket is the armor against inclement weather. It serves not just as a barrier against rain and wind but as a mobile storage unit, keeping essentials safe and dry. This jacket is a versatile outer layer that adapts to the wearer’s needs, ensuring warmth and comfort in challenging conditions.

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Best Apache Hoodie

Apache Zenith Heavyweight Hoodie

The Apache Zenith Heavyweight Hoodie emerges as a titan in the realm of workwear comfort and sturdiness. Brushed back fleece material lays the foundation for a hoodie that feels as soft as a gentle embrace, ensuring wearability from dawn till dusk. Crafted with the tradesperson in mind, the toggle-adjustable double hood and cavernous tunnel front pocket provide sanctuary against the biting cold of early mornings on-site. Its durability is not left to chance, with cotton-covered elbow patches and robust 5 thread stitching providing a shield against wear and tear.

 What we liked:
- The plush brushed back fleece material provides unparalleled comfort.
 - Dual hood with toggle adjustment offers versatile protection against the elements.
 - Spacious tunnel front pocket is as practical as it is warming.
 - Reinforced elbow patches and strong stitching signal a long-lasting wear.

Our verdict:
 The Apache Zenith Hoodie is more than just a layer; it's a durable companion for the hard-working professional. It doesn't just endure the job but elevates the comfort of the worker throughout the day.

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Best Apache Shoes

Apache Motion Waterproof Sports Safety Trainers

When the line between athletic footwear and work safety gear blurs, you get the Apache Motion Waterproof Sports Safety Trainers. These shoes don't compromise on style or safety, making them a dual-threat on the shop floor and the shopfront. The moulded upper cradles the foot, enhanced by a cushioned collar that rejects the notion of breaking-in periods. Waterproofing doesn't come at the expense of breathability, ensuring comfort in every climate. The inclusion of an aluminium toe cap and a composite midsole speak to their readiness for industrial action, adhering strictly to safety standards without compromising their sporty look.
What we liked:
- The waterproof yet breathable lining ensures dry and comfortable feet.
 - Aluminium toe cap and composite midsole provide robust protection.
 - Sports-inspired design that doesn't skimp on safety features.
 - Phylon/Rubber outsole offers superior grip and stability.

Our verdict:
 The Apache Motion Trainers redefine what it means to be 'dressed for the job.' They’re a testament to Apache’s commitment to safety without sacrificing the comfort and style of a sports shoe.


Best Apache Polo Shirt

Apache Langley Polo Shirt

The Apache Langley Polo Shirt takes the timeless polo and gives it a workwear upgrade. Its polyester interlock fabric isn’t just about withstanding the daily grind; it's about moving with you, thanks to the integrated stretch. The self-fabric collar and neat button placket give it a sartorial edge, while the discreet Apache branding elevates it beyond a mere functional piece. Whether under the sun or in the shop, this polo remains steadfast in both form and function.

 What we liked:
- Durable and comfortable polyester fabric designed for longevity.
 - Integrated stretch provides freedom of movement.
- Polished appearance with a self-fabric collar and button placket.
 - Subtle branding adds a professional touch.

Our verdict:
 The Langley Polo is a versatile piece that looks at home on the work site or in a casual office setting. Its comfort and mobility make it a top choice for professionals who value appearance and practicality.

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Best Apache Fleece

Apache ATS Tech Fleece

Balancing between layering needs and stand-alone functionality, the Apache ATS Tech Fleece is a testament to thoughtful design. The fast-wicking fabric keeps moisture at bay, allowing for continuous dry comfort, while thoughtful additions like the bonded zip pocket and thumb loops add utility without bulk. The high collar and full zip are practical features that don't overlook the need for easy wearability and protection against the chill.

 What we liked:
 - Performance fabric that wicks away moisture, keeping you dry.
 - Useful bonded zip pocket on the sleeve for essentials.
 - Thumb loops to keep hands warm and sleeves secure.
 - Full zip and high collar design offer adaptability in various weather conditions.

 Our verdict:
 The ATS Tech Fleece is a standout mid-layer that can confidently stand alone, offering warmth and functionality without compromise. It's a smart choice for anyone facing the elements or needing an adaptable piece for fluctuating temperatures.

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The curated list above showcases the crème de la crème of Apache's workwear offerings for 2023/2024, each item carefully scrutinized by the Workwear Gurus and the community of hardworking professionals. These selections not only meet but exceed the expectations of those in the field, combining high-performance materials with functional designs. With such a diverse range available, it's clear that whether one is braving the elements or in need of summer workwear, Apache has laid out some of the best options in their category. These pieces are indeed a superb choice for anyone looking to purchase top-tier workwear clothing.

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