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Dec 27, 2023

Top 6 Portwest Overalls for 2024: Comprehensive Review

Six of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

When it comes to selecting the right workwear overalls, the choices can be overwhelming, with a plethora of factors to consider. Durability, comfort, safety features, and suitability for specific work environments are just a few of the elements that can influence a purchase decision. In this comprehensive review, our team at Workwear Gurus has delved deep into the vast array of options available. We've not only relied on our own expertise but also included feedback from customers who have firsthand experience with these products. Our focus here is to showcase some of the most popular and our favorite overalls from Portwest's 2023/2024 range, providing insights into what makes each of these selections stand out. Portwest's reputation for high-quality, functional workwear is well-established, and their latest range of overalls is no exception. In this article, we will explore six of their top models, each chosen for its unique features and suitability for various work environments.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Portwest Waterproof Overalls
  • Portwest Flame Retardant Overalls
  • Portwest Hi Vis Overalls
  • Portwest Hi Vis Overalls
  • Portwest Bib and Brace Overalls
  • Porwest Bizweld Overalls for Welders
  • Our recommendation

Top 6 Best Portwest Overalls in 2023/2024

Best Portwest Waterproof Overalls

Portwest S585 Winter Coveralls

The Portwest S585 Winter Coveralls are a testament to functional design and robust construction. Ideal for harsh winter conditions, these coveralls offer full waterproof protection and impressive durability. The reflective tape ensures high visibility in low-light conditions, while reinforced knee patches enhance longevity in high-wear areas. Practicality is evident with multiple pockets, including a dedicated phone pocket, and zipped ankles for convenience. These coveralls are exceptionally suited for outdoor work environments, particularly in cold and wet conditions. The EN 342 and EN 343 certifications underscore their capability to provide warmth and dryness, even in extreme weather.

 What we liked:
 - Reflective tape for added visibility.
 - Reinforced knee patches for durability.
 - Waterproof with a high breathability rating.
 - Multiple pockets, including a phone pocket.

 Our verdict:
  The Portwest S585 is an outstanding choice for those working outdoors in winter. Its combination of warmth, durability, and practical features make it a top pick in the Portwest range.

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Best Portwest Flame Retardant Overalls

Portwest S775 Bizflame Rain Hi Vis Multi-Protection FR Coveralls

Portwest's S775 Bizflame Coveralls are a multifaceted solution for challenging work environments, particularly in the oil and gas industry. They offer a blend of hi-vis, flame-resistant, chemical-resistant, anti-static, waterproof, and breathable protection. The coverall's full front stormflap, detachable hood, and reflective tape enhance safety and visibility. Additionally, the plethora of pockets, including a concealed phone pocket, adds to its functionality. This model is particularly suitable for hazardous work environments, where protection from multiple risks is paramount. Its certifications, including EN ISO 14116 and EN 1149 -5, validate its protective capabilities.

 What we liked:
 - Multi-protection features including flame resistance.
 - High visibility with reflective tape.
 - Waterproof and breathable fabric.
 - Ample storage with multiple utility pockets.

 Our verdict:
  The S775 is a comprehensive protective garment, ideal for those in high-risk industries. Its extensive safety features and comfort make it an excellent investment for professional safety.

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Portwest Hi Vis Overalls

Portwest RT42 Hi Vis Poly-cotton Coveralls RIS

The RT42 model from Portwest stands out for its durability and visibility. The Hi-VisTex tape ensures that the wearer is visible in different lighting conditions. Made from a sturdy polyester/cotton blend with a Texpel stain-resistant finish, it's designed to last. The elastic waist and two-way zip provide comfort and ease of movement, vital for long work hours. These coveralls are well-suited for industries like transportation and construction, where visibility and durability are key. The compliance with EN ISO 20471 and RIS 3279-TOM attests to its suitability for the rail industry.

 What we liked:
 - High visibility with reflective tape.
 - Durable fabric with stain-resistant finish.
 - Comfortable fit with elastic waist.
 - Ample storage, including a phone pocket.

 Our verdict:
  The Portwest RT42 is an excellent choice for those who need durability coupled with high visibility. Its comfort and practicality make it a reliable option for various industrial settings.

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Portwest Thermal Overalls

Portwest S816 Orkney Lined Coveralls

The S816 Orkney Lined Coveralls are designed for extreme cold. The Kingsmill fabric combined with a polyester wadding liner offers exceptional warmth. Its UPF 40+ rating, ample storage options, and ergonomic design including a half elasticated waist, ensure both safety and comfort. This model is particularly suited for outdoor work in cold climates. Its EN342 certification confirms its effectiveness in protecting against cold up to -40°C.

 What we liked:
 - Exceptional warmth and comfort. High UV protection rating.
 - Ergonomic design with a comfortable fit.
 - Ample storage, including a phone and rule pocket.

 Our verdict:
  The S816 Orkney is an ideal choice for those working in extremely cold environments. Its warmth, comfort, and practical features make it a standout in the cold-weather workwear category.

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Portwest Bib and Brace Overalls

Portwest DX441 DX4 Work Bib and Brace

The DX4 Work Bib and Brace is a testament to modern workwear design. The slim fit and dynamic 4X stretch fabric offer unparalleled comfort and flexibility. The high-rise back waistband with side elastication, adjustable shoulder straps, and extendable hems cater to a wide range of movements and working positions. Its design, featuring reflective trims and multiple pockets, blends functionality with style. This model is particularly suited for dynamic work environments where flexibility and comfort are paramount. The inclusion of knee pad pockets and the overall ergonomic design enhance its suitability for physically demanding tasks.

 What we liked:
 - Slim fit design with 4-way stretch fabric.
 - High UV protection rating.
 - Ergonomic design with adjustable features.
 - Ample storage, including knee pad pockets.

 Our verdict:
  The DX441 DX4 is an excellent choice for those who prioritize comfort and flexibility in their workwear. Its modern design and functional features make it a top contender in the Portwest range.

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Portwest Bizweld Overalls for Welders

Portwest BIZ6 Bizweld Hooded Flame Retardant Coveralls

The BIZ6 Bizweld Coveralls provide comprehensive protection with a focus on flame retardancy. The built-in hood and knee pad pockets add to its protective capabilities, while the 40+ UPF rated fabric ensures UV protection. Its design with a back pocket, rule pocket, and concealed phone pocket adds practicality. Suited for environments where protection from heat, flame, and UV rays is essential, the BIZ6 excels in its protective capabilities. Its certifications, including EN ISO 11612 and ASTM F1959/F1959M-12, attest to its safety standards.

 What we liked:
 - Flame retardant and UV protective fabric.
 - Built-in hood for added protection.
 - Practical design with ample storage.
 - Durable construction with adjustable features.

 Our verdict:
  The BIZ6 Bizweld is a top choice for those in environments where flame retardancy is crucial. Its comprehensive protection and practical design make it a reliable safety garment.

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The 2023/2024 range of Portwest overalls offers an impressive array of options, catering to diverse work environments and needs. Each model stands out for its unique features, whether it's the extreme cold protection of the S816 Orkney, the flame retardancy of the BIZ6 Bizweld, or the flexibility of the DX441 DX4. Our findings confirm that Portwest continues to deliver top-tier workwear, making their overalls a solid choice for those in search of quality, functionality, and safety.

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