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A crucial part of anyone's workwear getup is their choice of legwear, usually being some variation on either trousers or shorts. Unless you are working indoors or in a hot environment, the former is certainly the more widely used one. With how popular work trousers are, it's important to have a range that caters to individual working requirements as well as the demands of the industry they work in. In addition, work pants need to be versatile for not just changing weather conditions but also to account for standing, kneeling, sitting and moving day-in, day-out. Portwest trousers have been created around meeting these demands, with a diverse collection that provides a very affordable solution that doesn’t compromise greatly on quality. Our Gurus took a deep dive into the range and found what was, in their opinion, 5 of the best Portwest work trousers.

1 - Portwest DX440 Detachable Holster Pocket Trouser

Our first pair of Portwest trousers makes use of 4-way stretch fabric to give the wearer a great degree of freedom of movement - a quality required for precise work, such as decorating. To further support this freedom, these Portwest stretch work trousers have a high-rise waistband which is elasticated on all sides, meaning moving around in all directions is even easier.

An image of the Portwest DX440 Detachable Holster Pocket Trousers

These Portwest DX4 trousers are packed with practical additions that make your daily jobs that bit easier. When making use of the expansive freedom of movement that the stretch material affords these trousers, it is important to protect the parts of your body that are being used. For example, when kneeling down, especially for extended periods of time, the use of kneepads is certainly the smart thing to do. The DX440 Portwest pants come with top-loading kneepad pockets that are two-tier and can be placed in either position depending on your current needs. In addition there is also triple stitching featured throughout the build which helps increase the durability and lifespan of the garment.

From a utility standpoint, these stretch trousers don’t disappoint either. Having sixteen total pockets means there is more than enough room for your hand tools and equipment to be kept on you along with your personal belongings. Among these pockets is (as the name suggests) zip off holster pockets which can be added to the trousers when needed and zipped off when not necessary. This is as well as the multiple other zip pockets dotted throughout the rest of the pants.

Then there's the always appreciated hi vis aspects to these trousers, which comes in the form of lightweight HiVisTex Pro reflective tape used at the bottom of the trousers and reflective piping used on parts like the zips. They are discrete hi vis touches in this case, yet they still increase visibility enough to be worthwhile inclusions.

2 - Portwest C701 Combat Trousers

If you’re looking for a minimalist but effective everyday work trouser, the Portwest C701 combat trouser may be exactly what you need. Capable, yet affordable, these combat trousers have been made from a polycotton blend, making them comfy, yet also durable enough to be worn day in, day out. The fabric seams have also been reinforced in addition to the stress points being bartacked for additional strength, effects that will be reflected in the prolonged lifespan of the trousers. What's more, the fabric will protect your legs from 98% of UV rays thanks to its 50+UPF rating, making these trousers still a valid choice over shorts when the weather is warmer.

An image of the Portwest C701 combat trousers

Despite the more streamlined appearance of the C701 pants, they aren’t lacking in utility features. Easy access cargo pockets support this notion, along with side and patch back pockets that make six pockets in total. 

Being such versatile trousers, the Portwest C701’s naturally come in a selection of various colours and fits to help you get just the right style you want. It’s this paired with the aforementioned features that makes these combat trousers so accessible and a good all-purpose staple to wear whatever the occasion, even if it is a casual one.

3 - Portwest S887 Action Trousers

Action trousers have practicality at the forefront of their design and above all else aim to be as functional as a trouser can aim to be. The Portwest C887 action trouser embodies this and yet also has the appeal of coming in a strong and vibrant array of colours that helps this trouser stand out among others as one which will look great anywhere and also will perform well for you.

An image of the Portwest S887 action trousers

Made from a blend of polyester and cotton, these trousers are built to last but also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. This blend has been certified as a 50+ UPF rated fabric and is more than capable of protecting your legs from UV rays, especially useful in summer. What's more, key areas of the fabric like at the knees and seat, as well as the seams used throughout the build, have been reinforced to prolong the lifespan of the garment. For more direct protection, you can take advantage of the convenient kneepad pockets to accommodate knee pads for extra support when kneeling down, if the already double-layered knees don't offer enough extra strength on their own that is.

With practicality as such a focal point, the utility of the C887 action trousers can’t be overstated. These Portwest work pants come with eleven pockets, which is more than enough storage for most workers and is among the most pockets Portwest offers with their workwear trousers or shorts. These numerous pockets include zipped pockets on the back and front, easy access cargo pockets and more.

4 - Portwest T602 PW3 Holster Work Trousers

The PW3 range blends style and flexibility with function to create effective workwear garments that are more than capable of dealing with everyday working issues. The Portwest T602 trousers is a fantastic example of what makes the PW range so desired, being a rugged trouser with an adjustable leg length and modern fit that can also hold its own in the durability department. A Gripper elasticated inner waistline will keep whatever shirt or jacket you pair these trousers with firmly in place, and the inclusion of side elastic on top of this will ensure the wearer is comfortable moving in any and all directions.

An image of the Portwest T602 PW3 holster work trousers

Notable durability-improving features in the T602 include having top-loading, pre-shaped kneepad pockets to minimise damage to the garment when kneeling down for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, by being top loaded, the kneepads themselves can be accessed quickly and easily, not being a hassle to swap out or remove. You can take a look at kneepads to go with these trousers in our Portwest accessories collection. The entirety of the work trousers are supported by triple-stitching to minimise seam failure, with the crotch gusset helping to specifically remove stress and make crouching easier.

A total of twelve utility pockets are included in the T602 trousers, which includes the holster pockets seen in the product name. The holster swing-away pockets are excellent because you can use them for convenient storage as much as other pockets, and then when you don’t need them, you can simply tuck them back inside your trousers out of the way.

5 - Portwest TX11 Texo trousers

Lastly, we have the Portwest TX11 Hi Vis trousers. This cotton-rich Portwest Hi Vis work trouser was designed to look and feel comfortable whilst lasting the wearer a long while. We are happy to report that it managed to achieve all this and more.

An image of the Portwest TX11 Texo trousers

The high cotton ratio in the fabric is what gives these trousers the comfort they strived to achieve, and it's made even more comfortable for the wearer thanks to having a half elasticated waistline and hook and loop hems that result in a fully, secure fit. If a garment fits you exactly as it should, and the material it is made from is as comfortable as the Texo cotton rich fabric used in this instance, it can’t get much more comfortable for the wearer. 

In order to ensure that Texo work trousers have a long lifespan Portwest added reinforcements to their product range that would lessen the impact of abrasions and everyday use. In the TX11 trousers, these additional reinforcements took the form of bartacking the most prominent stress points in the garment so they wouldn’t be worn out as easily. Having special pockets intended for the inclusion of knee pads also greatly reduces the potential wear and tear on the knees of the trousers. What's more, the entire build was also double stitched so as to reduce the likelihood of fraying.


Looking at these Portwest pants, we can clearly see that Portwest offer real value in their trouser range. There is huge diversity in the collection with well thought-out, well designed trousers that work for many different professions and working environments. Portwest trousers don’t compromise on the quality of their designs despite the affordable price. Whether for yourself or for kitting out your workforce, Portwest work trousers lend themselves well as standard issue workwear for a business. 

If you’re interested in learning any more about Portwest trousers, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’d be happy to help.

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