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Top 5 pieces of Portwest head gear - best of hard hats, bump caps, helmets, hats

Work Hats and helmets play significant and diverse roles in workplace safety. From protection from falling objects and other site hazards, to increased visibility and protection from both the hot and the cold the need for head protection can be really quite diverse. For example, a hi vis beanie may be worn by any worker who is constantly working in the cold or the dark to keep their head and ears warm and themselves seen. Then there are those hats with LED lights in them, which prove themselves useful to workers who need light but need to keep their hands free. What about workers who want to wear a cap in summer to keep the sun's rays off them, whilst also protecting them? Portwest has a large range of head wear offering many kinds of head protection, so to help customers make the correct decision on which piece of headwear is right for them, our Gurus decided to take a look at the range and offer their thoughts on five of the best pieces of Portwest headgear, from Portwest hard hats and helmets to caps and beanies.

1 - PS59 Portwest AirTech Bump Cap

First selection from the team is a fantastic Portwest bump cap, the PS59 AirTech bump cap. The design of this cap is ideal for all those summer cap-wearers out there with its emphasis on ventilation and breathability. Thanks to cooling mesh on either side of the cap, and open areas on the inner shell of the cap - as opposed to the obtrusive fastening mechanisms on the inside of a helmet - air can easily flow freely between the inside and outside of the cap. In doing so; it keeps the wearer's head cool and justifies the “AirTech” name. For additional comfort, there is an adjustable buckle on the cap which can be altered to ensure you can get a great fit.

An image of the PS59 Portwest AirTech Bump Cap

The inner shell isn’t just good because of its breathability though, it also houses an ABS shell and soft cushioning pad. This helps with shock absorption if your head should happen to collide with anything whilst you are wearing it. This Portwest cap is strong enough at impact absorption and protecting the wearer that it has earned the EN 812 safety certification to prove it can do just that, and do it well. Taking a look at the other design elements used in this Portwest bump cap, we can see it has an ideal peak length of 5cm, large enough to shield the eyes and upper face, but not too long that it becomes an encumbrance.

This cap comes in four different colours, two of which being fluorescent orange and yellow respectively. For the more discrete look, which you may even wear to casual occasions, you can select either the non-hi vis black or blue. However, if you opt for the hi vis colours you get a much more noticeable cap that will certainly keep you visible to your peers.

2 - PV64 Peak View Plus Ratchet Hard Hat

Towards the more protective side of the Portwest head protection spectrum, we have the PV64 Portwest hard hat. Upon first glance, you can likely identify why this model is called the peak view, the shell is wholly translucent. This allows the wearer to look upwards through the bridge of the helmet rather than needing to tilt their head to see above them. Naturally this makes work like construction far easier and allows the workwear to fully focus on their task. Being able to see through this Portwest helmet doesn’t in any way mean the quality of the helmet has been diminished. The polycarbonate shell is extra strong yet also lightweight and even offers UV 400 protection to prevent the sun’s rays from getting to the wearer's head.

An image of the PV64 Peak View Plus Ratchet Hard Hat

The ratchet hard hat includes a 6 point textile harness, which is adjusted using a wheel ratchet, to help you get the ideal fit on your head, a necessity for headwear to remain comfortable all day long.

Available in an extensive range of translucent colours, the PV64 will not only do a good job of protecting your head, but it's see-through design means you actually expand your range of vision even further. It's for all these reasons, plus the 440vac electrical properties of this Portwest helmet that results in the outstanding end product that was so good, Portwest even patented the design!

3 - PS57 Expert base wheel Portwest safety helmet

An image of the PS57 Expert base wheel Portwest Safety Helmet

As far as Portwest hard hats go, there are seldom more traditional options than the PS57. One of Portwests best selling hats, this helmet uses a high-density polypropylene shell helmet to protect the wearer from harm. This particular Portwest has been subject to especially rigorous testing with lateral deformation that has earned it the EN 397 certification. It will certainly protect your head from impacts. In addition to collisions, the helmet also has a degree of electrical insulation to shield you from stray sparks, particularly useful as a welder or electrician.

This helmet also works well as part of a larger Portwest workwear outfit, being made specifically with other Portwest accessories, like the PW42 and PS42 Portwest clip-on ear muffs, in mind. Compatibility like this makes this Portwest hard hat appealing to businesses who already use Portwest workwear for their staff and are looking for something made to match. What's more, there are readily available spare parts for this helmet, so replacing parts for your workforce or yourself will be no issue.

Portwest’s PS57 helmet is fastened on the head through use of a four-point plastic suspension harness that can be adjusted easily through a convenient wheel ratchet. You’ll get a stable fit that remains on your head through thick and thin.

4 - PS55 Portwest endurance visor helmet

In some ways a relative of the PS57 helmet, the PS55 shares many of the same features but also has its own distinct characteristics that help it stand out. This CE certified endurace helmet is vented at the top to better allow air to flow in and out of the interior, making the user more comfortable by relieving them of pent up hot air.

An image of the PS55 Portwest endurance visor helmet

ABS has been used to make the outer helmet shell, which gives the wearer the protection necessary to combat the dangers of the workplace and allows the helmet to pass EN 397 lateral deformation tests, to gain said safety certification. If you require a visor, the PS55 can also accommodate, as it has appropriate space at the front to house a visor of your choosing.

For a secure fit, this helmet is fastened with a six-point textile harness which is aided further by an included four-point chin strap. A wheel ratchet at the back of the helmet can quickly and easily adjust the fitting for you so you feel comfortable and secure all day; it's one size fits all. You can have confidence in this Portwest PS55 endurance visor helmet.

5 - BO28 Portwest Beanie with rechargeable twin LED

An image of the BO28 Portwest Beanie with rechargeable twin LED

Finishing off on one of the more unique pieces of Portwest head protection, we have a Portwest beanie… with a light in it. Yes, this beanie has an LED light at the top which has a brightness of 150 lumens that will run for between two to four hours from a full charge. The beanie features two removable LED’s, one on the front and one on the back, that allow for enhanced visibility. The beam can travel up to 10m on its high setting which makes it an ideal light for not just workers operating in dimly lit conditions, but also walkers and cyclists too. The LED light itself is charged via any regular USB port and can be set to either “high”, “medium” or “flash” modes depending on your needs.   

The BO28 beanie itself is made from acrylic and has nine-gauge liner within it for added dexterity. The beanie is available in five different colours, with two of those being bright orange and bright yellow for improved visibility. If you prefer a more subtle take, you can always opt for black, grey or blue.

In conclusion

Portwest’s headwear range offers something for every workplace (or even sometimes casual) need. It is full of affordable but well designed and fabricated head protection equipment that will give you peace of mind next time you’re on a work site, working in the dark, the cold, the rain or even the heat of the day.

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