Oliver Townsend

Jan 23, 2024

Best Welding Overalls of 2024: Superior Protection for Welders - A Comprehensive Review

Five of the best welding overalls reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the ever-evolving world of professional welding, the need for protective workwear has never been greater. With a vast array of welding overalls available in 2024, choosing the right one involves considering multiple factors such as fire resistance, durability, comfort, and additional safety features. At Workwear Gurus, we have combined our expert knowledge with feedback from customers to bring you a review of some of the best welding overalls on the market, all of which are available on our website. Our goal is to provide you with a detailed analysis of each product's unique features and their suitability for different welding environments.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Blaklader 2601 Welding Bib Trousers (26011501)
  • Mascot Baar Boilersuit Overall 06619-135 - Multisafe, Mens
  • Portwest BIZ5 Bizweld Iona FR Coveralls
  • Portwest BIZ1 Bizweld FR Coveralls
  • Portwest C030 CE Safe-Welder Flame Retardant Coveralls
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Welding Overalls

Blaklader 2601 Welding Bib Trousers (26011501)

The Blaklader 2601 Welding Bib Trousers are specially designed for the rigors of welding work. The blend of cotton, polyester, and antistatic satin ensures durability and fire resistance, meeting several industry standards. The design includes a chest pocket, knee pad pockets, and reflective details, providing both functionality and safety. The fact that they are tested for industrial laundry highlights their durability.

What we liked:
-Fire-resistant and antistatic material.
-Functional pocket design for convenience.
-Reflective details for increased visibility.
-Tested for industrial laundry for enhanced durability.

Our verdict:
These bib trousers are a solid choice for welders who prioritize safety and durability in their workwear.

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Mascot Baar Boilersuit Overall 06619-135 - Multisafe, Mens

The Mascot Baar Boilersuit is a comprehensive solution for welders, offering anti-static, acid-resistant, and flame-retardant properties. Made from a blend of cotton, polyamide, and carbon fiber, it provides both protection and comfort. The design includes triple-stitched seams, a storm flap, and hidden press studs to prevent scratching surfaces. The adjustable kneepad pockets and downward-facing seams for spark resistance are thoughtful additions for welders.

What we liked:
-Multi-hazard protection including flame retardancy.
-Durable construction with triple-stitched seams.
-Ergonomic features like adjustable kneepad pockets.
-Design preventing lodging of sparks.

Our verdict:
An excellent all-round protective garment for welders, especially in environments with multiple safety hazards.

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Portwest BIZ5 Bizweld Iona FR Coveralls

The Portwest BIZ5 Bizweld Iona FR Coverall offers excellent protection against heat and molten metal splash. It’s designed with flame-resistant reflective tape for enhanced visibility. The coverall provides ample storage, knee pad pockets, and a concealed stud front for easy access. Its UPF rated fabric protects against UV rays, making it suitable for outdoor welding jobs.

What we liked:
-Protection against heat and molten metal.
-Flame-resistant reflective tape for safety.
-Ample storage with 8 pockets.
-UPF rated fabric for UV protection.

Our verdict:
Ideal for welders who require a balance of protection, functionality, and comfort in both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Portwest BIZ1 Bizweld FR Coveralls

Voted as a top favorite in the welding industry, the Portwest BIZ1 Bizweld FR Coveralls provide complete protection against heat and fire hazards. The generous fit allows for unhindered movement, and the coverall includes multiple pockets for tool storage. The concealed phone pocket and radio loop add practicality, while the UPF rated fabric offers UV protection.

What we liked:
-Excellent protection against heat and fire.
-Generous fit for comfortable movement.
-Multiple pockets for tool and phone storage.
-UPF rated fabric for additional protection.

Our verdict:
A top choice for welders looking for a blend of safety, comfort, and practicality in their protective wear.

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Portwest C030 CE Safe-Welder Flame Retardant Coveralls

The Portwest C030 CE Safe-Welder Coveralls offer value for money and complete protection for welders. The 100% cotton fabric is flame retardant and comfortable for all-day wear. The side elastic gives a better fit, and the multiple pockets provide convenience for storing tools and personal belongings. The coverall's stud adjustable cuffs and quick side access enhance its functionality.

What we liked:
-Flame retardant fabric for safety.
-Comfortable fit with side elastic.
-Ample storage with multiple pockets.
-Easy access and adjustable features for convenience.

Our verdict:
An excellent option for welders seeking affordable, comfortable, and safe workwear for long hours of welding.

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The welding overalls of 2024 provide a range of options to meet the diverse needs of welders. From the durable and reflective Blaklader 2601 to the versatile and comfortable Portwest C030, each product offers unique features suited to different welding environments. These overalls represent some of the best in their category, making them a solid choice for those in the welding profession looking for superior protection.