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Jan 11, 2024

Best Technical Fleeces of 2024: Expert Review of High-Performance Layers

Five of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the ever-evolving world of workwear, the importance of a reliable and high-performance fleece cannot be overstated. With a plethora of options available, selecting the right one can be as challenging as it is crucial. The factors to consider are many: durability, comfort, functionality, and safety features, to name a few. This is where our team at Workwear Gurus steps in, combining expert insights with real-world feedback from customers who have put these fleeces to the test.

In this review, we delve into some of the most popular and highly recommended work fleeces of 2024. Each product has been chosen for its unique blend of features and performance in demanding work environments. Our focus is not just on the technical specifications but also on how these fleeces cater to the needs of the modern worker.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Mascot Hi-Vis Fleece Jumper With Zip 19103-315 - Mens, Accelerate Safe
  • Portwest T830 KX3 Performance Fleece
  • Snickers 8002 FlexiWork PolartecPower Stretch 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Hoodie
  • Helly Hansen Kensington Fleece Jacket - 72158
  • Regatta Professional Mens XPro Coldspring II Hybrid Full Zip Hooded Fleece
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Technical Fleeces

Mascot Hi-Vis Fleece Jumper With Zip 19103-315 - Mens, Accelerate Safe

The Mascot Hi-Vis Fleece Jumper is a modern marvel in workwear. Designed with a close fit that allows for excellent freedom of movement, it's ideal for active work environments. The zip fastening with an internal storm flap ensures wind protection, while the front and inside pockets provide secure storage. The detachable ID card holder is a thoughtful addition, enhancing functionality.

What we liked:
- Exceptional freedom of movement with a modern fit.
- Effective wind protection with zip and internal storm flap.
- Safe storage with zipped pockets and detachable ID card holder.
- High visibility with EN ISO 20471 - class 2 certification.

Our verdict:
 This fleece is a top choice for those requiring mobility and high visibility in their work environment. Its blend of comfort and practicality sets a high standard.


Portwest T830 KX3 Performance Fleece

The Portwest T830 KX3 Performance Fleece stands out for its contemporary design and comfort. The soft knitted fleece fabric is so comfortable, you might never want to take it off. Reinforced shoulders and back panels provide durability, and the interchangeable zip pullers add a customizable touch.

What we liked:
- Ultra-comfortable knitted fleece fabric.
- Reinforced panels for durability in high-use areas.
- Customizable with interchangeable zip pullers.
- Practical design with multiple pockets and a modern fit.

Our verdict:
 Ideal for those seeking a blend of style and functionality. It's as suitable for corporate wear as it is for hands-on work.


Snickers 8002 FlexiWork PolartecPower Stretch 2.0 Full Zip Fleece Hoodie

The Snickers 8002 FlexiWork Hoodie is a testament to versatility and comfort. Made with Polartec® Power Stretch® fabric, it offers a tight performance fit and efficient moisture transport. The ergonomic design and elastic fabric ensure optimal mobility.

What we liked:
- Tight performance fit with 4-way stretch fabric.
- Efficient moisture transport and durable shape retention.
- Optimal mobility with an ergonomic design.
- Increased visibility with reflective details.

Our verdict:
 A superb choice for those who need flexibility and comfort in a demanding work setting. Its innovative fabric and design cater to a wide range of activities.


Helly Hansen Kensington Fleece Jacket - 72158

The Kensington Fleece Jacket by Helly Hansen is a game-changer in wind resistance. Its Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric is significantly more resistant than regular fleece, offering warmth, wind resistance, and water resistance. The high collar and articulated sleeves enhance comfort and mobility.

What we liked:
- Exceptional wind resistance with Polartec® Wind Pro® fabric.
- Enhanced comfort with a high collar and articulated sleeves.
- Multiple pockets for practical storage.
- Durable and water-resistant, ideal for harsh conditions.

Our verdict:
 An excellent option for those who work in windy and challenging conditions. Its balance of protection and comfort is noteworthy.


Regatta Professional Mens XPro Coldspring II Hybrid Full Zip Hooded Fleece

The Regatta Professional XPro Coldspring II Fleece is the epitome of a midlayer fleece. The marl knit finish is stylish, while the extol stretch sides ensure great movement. The thumbhole cuffs and RFID protection on the chest pocket add to its functionality.

What we liked:
- Unique marl knit finish for a stylish look.
- Extol stretch sides for enhanced movement.
- Comfortable fit with thumbhole cuffs.
- Added security with RFID protection on the chest pocket.

Our verdict:
 Perfect for those who value style and function. It’s an ideal midlayer for a range of working conditions.



The range of technical fleeces available in 2024 is impressive, offering something for everyone. From the high-visibility Mascot Jumper to the stylish and versatile Regatta Coldspring II, these selections represent the best in their category. Each product brings a unique set of features suited to various work environments, making them excellent choices for anyone looking to purchase a work fleece.

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