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Jan 16, 2023

Best Summer Work T-Shirts of 2024: Lightweight and Breathable Choices - A Comprehensive Review

Five of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

With the myriad of workwear options flooding the market in 2024, selecting the perfect summer work t-shirt can be a daunting task. Factors such as material, durability, comfort, and additional features like UV protection and moisture-wicking capabilities play a crucial role in decision-making. Our team, the Workwear Gurus, has delved into this vast sea of choices to bring you a curated selection of the best summer work t-shirts. Not only have we relied on our expertise, but we've also taken into account the valuable feedback from customers who have put these shirts to the test in real-world scenarios. In this review, we focus on some of the most popular and our personal favorite t-shirts, all of which are also featured on our website. Let's explore these top picks and understand why they stand out in the workwear realm.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Blaklader 3323 T-Shirt Uv Protection - Mens (33231051)
  • Mascot Work T-Shirt Advanced Moisture-Wicking 17482-944 - Mens
  • Portwest DX411 DX4 T-Shirt Short Sleeve
  • JCB Trade Work T-Shirt
  • Helly Hansen Kensington Tech Lightweight T-Shirt - 79249
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Best Summer T Shirts

Blaklader 3323 T-Shirt Uv Protection - Mens (33231051)

The Blaklader 3323 T-Shirt is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a functional garment designed to provide comfort and protection in the summer heat. Made from 100% polyester pique wicking material, it excels in moisture transportation, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. The UV protection is a standout feature, with the fabric certified to UPF 40+, offering significant protection from the sun's harmful rays. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor professions like construction, gardening, or even fishing. Additionally, the reinforced neck and shoulder seams enhance its durability, making it a reliable choice for daily wear.

What we liked:
- Exceptional UV protection, perfect for outdoor work.
- Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.
- Durable construction with reinforced seams.
- Quick-drying feature, suitable for warm climates.

Our verdict:
 The Blaklader 3323 is a top-tier work t-shirt for anyone needing comfort and protection in the sun. Its combination of UV protection, moisture management, and durability makes it a wise choice for professionals in various fields.


Mascot Work T-Shirt Advanced Moisture-Wicking 17482-944 - Mens

The Mascot Work T-Shirt stands out for its advanced moisture-wicking capabilities. Crafted from a blend of 92% polyester and 8% elastane, it offers a modern, close fit that doesn't restrict movement. The anti-bacterial feature is particularly beneficial for maintaining freshness during long work hours. The extra padding over the neck seam is a thoughtful addition, preventing irritation during extended wear. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification assures that it's free from harmful substances, making it safe and comfortable for all-day wear.

What we liked:
- Advanced moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.
- Anti-bacterial feature for maintaining freshness.
- Comfortable fit with great freedom of movement.
- Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification for safety.

Our verdict:
 The Mascot Work T-Shirt is an excellent choice for those who prioritize comfort and functionality. Its moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial properties make it ideal for physically demanding jobs.


Portwest DX411 DX4 T-Shirt Short Sleeve

Portwest's DX411 DX4 T-Shirt is a blend of style and functionality. The combination of polyester and polypropylene fabric ensures the wearer stays cool, dry, and comfortable. Its reflective print and contrast trims offer a contemporary look, making it suitable for corporate wear as well. The UPF 40+ rated fabric is a significant advantage for outdoor workers, offering ample protection against UV rays. The slim fit design and ribbed collar add to its comfort, while the radio loop is a practical feature for communication-intensive jobs.

What we liked:
- Wicking, cooling, and drying capabilities for all-day comfort.
- Contemporary design suitable for various work environments.
- UPF 40+ rated fabric for excellent sun protection.
- Practical radio loop for easy communication.

Our verdict:
 The Portwest DX411 DX4 T-Shirt is a versatile option, ideal for both outdoor and corporate settings. Its protective features and contemporary design make it a smart choice for the modern worker.


JCB Trade Work T-Shirt

The JCB Trade Work T-Shirt is a testament to classic comfort with its 100% cotton fabric. It's designed for dry, cool comfort throughout the day, making it suitable for various work environments. The discreet JCB Workwear logo adds a touch of brand prestige without being overbearing. The regular fit and long length ensure comfort and ease of movement, essential for active workdays. The double needle stitching and woven label on the left seam speak to its quality and durability.

What we liked:
- 100% cotton fabric for superior comfort.
- Subtle branding with the JCB Workwear logo.
- Durable construction with double needle stitching.
- Regular fit and long length for ease of movement.

Our verdict:
 For those who value classic comfort and subtle style, the JCB Trade Work T-Shirt is an excellent choice. Its all-cotton make and thoughtful design make it a reliable garment for various work settings.


Helly Hansen Kensington Tech Lightweight T-Shirt - 79249

The Helly Hansen Kensington Tech T-Shirt is a lightweight marvel, ideal for warmer days. The 100% Polyamide fabric not only provides UPF 40+ sun protection but also ensures a comfortable fit. The Tactel fabric stands out for its softness, making it a pleasure to wear throughout the day. This T-shirt is a perfect blend of practicality and style, catering to those who work in environments where both comfort and sun protection are paramount. The lightweight nature of the fabric doesn't compromise on durability, making it a long-lasting addition to any work wardrobe.

What we liked:
- Lightweight and comfortable Tactel fabric.
- UPF 40+ fabric for excellent sun protection.
- Durable and well-suited for regular use.
- Stylish design suitable for a variety of work environments.

Our verdict:
 The Helly Hansen Kensington Tech T-Shirt is an outstanding choice for those in need of a lightweight, sun-protective, and stylish workwear option. Its durability and comfort make it a versatile garment for a wide range of professions.



After an in-depth analysis, it's clear that the market for summer work t-shirts in 2024 offers a diverse range of high-quality options. Each of the products reviewed stands out for its unique features, catering to different preferences and work environments. From UV protection and moisture-wicking capabilities to comfort and style, these t-shirts are indeed some of the best in their category. Whether you're working outdoors or in a more formal setting, there is something for everyone in this selection. We highly recommend considering these options when looking for summer work t-shirts.

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