Finley Walker

Jan 5, 2023

Be Seen, Be Safe: Discovering the Best Hi Vis Jackets for Workplace Visibility in 2024

Five the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of workwear, choosing the right high-visibility jacket is crucial for safety and comfort in the workplace. With a plethora of options available, making an informed choice can be a daunting task. This is where we, the Workwear Gurus, step in. Our team has not only brought our expertise to the table but also incorporated valuable feedback from customers who have experienced these products first-hand. This review shines a light on some of the most popular and our favorite hi-vis jackets of 2024, each selected for its unique features and suitability for various work environments. Whether you are browsing through our extensive collection on or seeking guidance, this review aims to aid you in finding the jacket that meets your needs perfectly.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Blaklader 4435 Shell Jacket Hi-Vis (44351987)
  • Mascot Harlow Hi-Vis Shell Jacket 15501-231 - Safe Supreme, Mens
  • Portwest S460 Hi Vis Traffic Jacket
  • Snickers 1132 Hi Vis Class 3, Waterproof 37.5 Insulated Jacket
  • Helly Hansen Alna 2.0 Hi Vis Waterproof Shell Jacket - 71195
  • Our recommendation

Top 5 Hi Vis Jackets

Blaklader 4435 Shell Jacket Hi-Vis (44351987)

The Blaklader 4435 Shell Jacket stands out in the realm of high visibility workwear. Designed for ultimate visibility (Class 3 hi-vis), it's an indispensable gear for those who work in low-light conditions. Its wind and waterproof features, coupled with taped seams, provide exceptional protection against harsh weather. The jacket's adaptability is further enhanced by its detachable hood, compatible with helmets and ear defenders, ensuring full coverage without compromising safety. The innovative ventilation system in the back offers breathability, crucial for comfort during long working hours.

What we liked:
- Class 3 high visibility for maximum safety.
- Wind and waterproof with taped seams.
- Detachable hood compatible with safety helmets and ear defenders.
- Back ventilation for enhanced breathability.

Our verdict:
 The Blaklader 4435 is a top-tier choice for those who prioritize visibility and weather protection in challenging work environments. Its thoughtful design details cater to the practical needs of outdoor professionals.

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Mascot Harlow Hi-Vis Shell Jacket 15501-231 - Safe Supreme, Mens

Mascot Harlow Hi-Vis Shell Jacket is a testament to durability and functionality. The integration of CORDURA® reinforcement at critical wear points extends the jacket's lifespan. Its ingenious design includes reinforcements to prevent tearing from tools in trouser pockets. The jacket's breathability is commendable, effectively balancing waterproof and windproof qualities with comfort. The waterproof extension and mesh ventilation under the sleeves are thoughtful additions for adverse weather conditions. Its certification to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 and EN ISO 20471 - class 3 further assures its quality and safety standards.

What we liked:
- Durable CORDURA® reinforcements for extended lifespan.
- Breathable, waterproof, and windproof.
- Thoughtful design features like waterproof extension and under-sleeve ventilation.
- Certified to high safety and environmental standards.

Our verdict:
 The Mascot Harlow is an excellent choice for professionals seeking a durable, safe, and comfortable hi-vis jacket. Its thoughtful design caters to practicality and longevity.

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