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Nov 28, 2023

2024 DeWalt Clothing Roundup: The Ultimate Review of the Best Picks

Eleven of the best reviewed by the Workwear Gurus

When it comes to choosing workwear, the options can seem endless and somewhat overwhelming. The right choice in clothing can be crucial, affecting not only your comfort throughout the workday but also your safety and performance. Various factors such as material durability, flexibility, weather appropriateness, and storage options play a significant role in selecting the perfect attire for the job at hand. Reflecting upon these considerations, the "Workwear Gurus" have undertaken a comprehensive review of DeWalt's clothing lineup for 2023/2024. Our team combines our industry expertise with invaluable feedback from customers who have purchased and tested these garments in real-world scenarios. We understand the importance of equipping oneself with workwear that stands the test of time, provides comfort during long hours, and enhances the efficiency of your work by offering practical features. As there is a vast variety of workwear available on the market and also on our website, we've decided to highlight some of the most popular and our personal favorite DeWalt pieces, sharing insights into why they stand out. From the durability of reinforced trousers to the versatility of lightweight gilets, we’ve explored each product in depth. Below are our top selections from DeWalt's current lineup, where we elaborate on their standout features and why they might be the ideal choice for your workwear needs.

What's covered in this review?

  • Introduction
  • Best Dewalt Work Trousers
  • Best DeWalt Shorts
  • Best DeWalt Hoodies
  • Best DeWalt Safety Trainers
  • Best DeWalt Body Warmer
  • Best DeWalt Jackets
  • Best DeWalt T Shirts
  • Best DeWalt Fleece Jumper
  • Best DeWalt Gloves
  • Best DeWalt Safety Glasses
  • Best DeWalt Sunglasses
  • Our recommendation

Top 11 DeWalt Clothing Articles

Best DeWalt Work Trousers

DeWalt Harrison Slim Fit Stretch Trousers

The DeWalt Harrison Slim Fit Stretch Trousers are an embodiment of what modern workwear should be. They are meticulously designed to provide an equal measure of style and practicality. The pro-stretch material ensures that the wearer enjoys unhindered movement throughout the day, a critical feature for those requiring flexibility at work. The slimmer fit not only offers a contemporary look but is also a testament to the evolving nature of workwear — from bulky to streamlined. Holster pockets are ingeniously incorporated for easy access to tools, a necessity for efficiency on the job. Meanwhile, the trousers' durability is bolstered with cordura reinforced knee pads and lower hems to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear.

What we liked:
- Four-way stretch inserts for optimal movement.
- Holster pockets for easy tool access.
- Durable cordura reinforcement where needed.
- Stylish design that does not compromise functionality.

Our verdict:
 We were impressed with the blend of flexibility and durability in the DeWalt Harrison trousers. They are a prime example of how workwear has evolved to meet the needs of modern professionals.

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Best DeWalt Shorts

DeWalt Hamden Holster Pocket Shorts

The DeWalt Hamden Holster Pocket Shorts are designed for the professional who values functionality and comfort above all. The unique blend of rayon, nylon, and elastane offers a stretchy, durable wear, crucial for enduring the summer heat or jobs that require a lot of bending and movement. The grey and black color scheme is both classic and forgiving in a work environment. The abundance of pockets, including twin holster pockets and a lined mobile phone pocket, ensures that all necessary tools and personal items are securely stowed yet readily accessible.

What we liked:
- Comfortable and stretchy fabric blend.
- Secure and accessible pockets for tools and phone.
- Durable material that withstands wear and tear.
- Functional design paired with a stylish look.

Our verdict:
 The DeWalt Hamden shorts strike an excellent balance between comfort and utility, making them a go-to for professionals in warmer climates or active work conditions.

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Best DeWalt Hoodies

DeWalt Stratford Grey Marl and Black Hoodie

Hoodies in the workplace? Absolutely, if they are the DeWalt Stratford Grey Marl and Black Hoodie. This hoodie merges casual wear and workwear, featuring a soft cotton-polyester blend that keeps you warm and comfortable. The adjustable hood and kangaroo pocket are thoughtful touches, bringing in an element of coziness on a chilly day. The large DeWalt logo emblazoned on the front speaks to the brand's confidence in its product quality. The grey marl and black color scheme is versatile, easily transitioning from work to weekend wear.

What we liked:

- Soft and comfortable fleece material.
- Adjustable hood for custom comfort.
- Large front pocket for convenience.
- Stylish design with a prominent DeWalt logo.

Our verdict:
 The DeWalt Stratford Hoodie is an essential layering piece for anyone looking for a mix of comfort, warmth, and brand pride in their workwear.

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Best DeWalt Safety Trainers

DeWalt Cutter Black and Grey Sports Safety Trainers

In any active job, safety trainers are non-negotiable, and the DeWalt Cutter Sports Safety Trainers exceed expectations. They are deceptively lightweight yet provide robust protection with a steel toe cap and anti-scuff toe guard. Comfort is also key here, with a padded tongue and collar, and a cushioned insole to support your feet during long shifts. The Phylon/rubber outsole guarantees solid grip, a feature that offers peace of mind across various work surfaces. And with the sleek black and grey design, these trainers don’t look out of place off-site either.

What we liked:
- Lightweight design without compromising safety.
- Steel toe cap and anti-scuff toe guard for protection.
- Excellent grip with the Phylon/rubber outsole.
- Comfort features suitable for all-day wear.

Our verdict:
 These DeWalt safety trainers are ideal for professionals who demand safety without sacrificing comfort or style.

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Best DeWalt Body Warmer

DeWalt Force Soft Padded Lightweight Gilet

The DeWalt Force Soft Padded Lightweight Gilet is the perfect layering option for fluctuating temperatures. Its lightweight design does not hinder movement, while the stretch side panels provide a snug yet comfortable fit. The lowered back offers additional protection from the elements, a subtle yet appreciated design feature. Storage is also taken into consideration, with multiple zipped pockets for essentials. The reflective logos enhance visibility, crucial for safety in low-light conditions. This gilet’s adaptability as an under or over layer makes it incredibly versatile for varying climates and working conditions.

What we liked:
- Lightweight and non-restrictive design.
- Comfort stretch side panels for a better fit.
- Reflective logos for increased visibility.
- Water-resistant material for unpredictable weather.

Our verdict:
 This gilet is a practical addition for anyone in need of a versatile layer that offers warmth and functionality without bulkiness.


Best DeWalt Jackets

DeWalt Storm Lightweight Waterproof Jacket

The DeWalt Storm Lightweight Waterproof Jacket epitomizes the fusion of sleek design with practical functionality. Built for the unpredictable weather, its waterproof fabric does not compromise on breathability, thanks to the cleverly integrated vented back panel. The inclusion of a concealed hood, storm flap center, and adjustable cuffs equips the wearer to face the elements head-on. The jacket’s thoughtful reflective details not only serve a practical safety purpose but add a contemporary edge to its appearance. Storage is ample with strategically placed pockets, ensuring essentials are kept close at hand and dry.

What we liked:
- Concealed hood with adjustable toggles.
- Waterproof yet breathable material.
- Reflective piping for increased visibility.
- Multiple pockets for functional storage.

Our verdict:
 The DeWalt Storm Jacket is a champion of versatility and functionality. Its lightweight design, coupled with robust weatherproofing, makes it ideal for any outdoor work environment or daily commute.

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Best DeWalt T Shirts

DeWalt Typhoon Charcoal Grey T-Shirt

The DeWalt Typhoon Charcoal Grey T-Shirt stands as a testament to uncomplicated style and unwavering quality. The ribbed crew neck ensures comfort around the clock, and the fabric quality promises durability. With its subtle branding, the T-shirt brings an air of professional finesse to casual wear. The twin needle hem and cuff stitch detail mean this T-shirt retains its shape and structure even after rigorous daily use or multiple washes.

What we liked:
- Ribbed crew neck for enduring comfort.
- High-quality fabric construction.
- Stylish yet subtle DeWalt branding.
- Durable stitching for a long-lasting fit.

Our verdict:
 For workers in need of a reliable, stylish, and comfortable base layer, the DeWalt Typhoon T-shirt is a superior choice that won’t disappoint in longevity or appearance.

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Best DeWalt Fleece Jumper

DeWalt Jonesborough DeWalt Zip Fleece

The DeWalt Jonesborough Zip Fleece is the epitome of a functional midlayer, providing warmth without sacrificing mobility. The stretch polyester material, backed with a grid fleece, offers an excellent balance between thermal insulation and breathability. The funnel neck collar serves to protect against the wind, and its full-zip design makes it a versatile piece for easy on-off during fluctuating temperatures. A professional look is maintained with tonal stitching, making it suitable for a range of occasions.

What we liked:
- Stretch fabric with grid fleece backing for warmth and movement.
- Funnel neck collar for added wind protection.
- Sleek tonal stitching.
- Full-zip design for versatile wear.

Our verdict:
 With its comfortable fit and professional appearance, the DeWalt Jonesborough Fleece is an ideal choice for those who require a reliable midlayer during cooler conditions.


Best DeWalt Gloves

DeWalt Dpg213 Fingerless Performance Gloves

DeWalt's Dpg213 Fingerless Performance Gloves are designed for precision tasks where full dexterity is essential. The fingerless design allows for tactile feedback and fine control, while the double palm overlay ensures durability where it's needed most. A thoughtful touch is the terry cloth brow wipe, indicating DeWalt's attention to the practical needs of professionals. The neoprene knuckle provides added protection without hindering movement.

What we liked:
- High dexterity fingerless design.
- Durable double palm overlay.
- Convenient terry cloth brow wipe.
- Protective neoprene knuckle guard.

Our verdict:
 These gloves are an excellent choice for anyone requiring high dexterity with dependable hand protection. They're particularly well-suited for intricate tasks where precision is paramount.

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Best DeWalt Safety Glasses

Dewalt Concealer Dpg82 Safety Goggles Mens

The DeWalt Concealer Dpg82 Safety Goggles offer superior protection with a design that doesn’t neglect comfort. The anti-mist coating ensures clear vision even in the most challenging conditions, and the dual injected rubber seal provides a snug fit without discomfort. The adjustable elastic head strap is designed to fit securely, and the built-in ventilation enhances fog control, ensuring that visibility is consistently clear. These goggles are not just about safety but also about enduring comfort for long-term wear.

What we liked:
- Clear anti-fog lens for unobstructed vision.
- Comfortable dual injected rubber seal.
- Adjustable elastic head strap for a secure fit.
- Built-in ventilation to prevent fogging.

Our verdict:
 For environments where dust and debris are a concern, the DeWalt Concealer Safety Goggles offer unmatched clarity and comfort, making them an indispensable part of safety gear.

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Best DeWalt Sunglasses

DeWalt Protector Dpg54 Safety Glasses Mens

The DeWalt Protector Dpg54 Safety Glasses combine lightweight design with robust protection. The frameless construction doesn’t compromise on safety, as the polycarbonate lenses provide impact resistance. The rubber-tipped temples ensure the glasses stay in place comfortably for extended periods. Clarity is never an issue with the distortion-free lenses that reduce eye fatigue, making these sunglasses a fusion of protection and wearability.

What we liked:
- Ergonomic, lightweight design for all-day comfort.
- Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
- Rubber-tipped temples for a secure fit.
- Distortion-free vision reducing eye fatigue.

Our verdict:
 Whether for work or general outdoor activities, the DeWalt Protector Safety Glasses offer a comfortable fit and reliable eye protection without the bulk, proving that safety can be sleek and functional.



In conclusion, after reviewing a range of DeWalt's latest workwear and accessories, it's clear that the brand remains a powerhouse in providing high-quality, durable, and comfortable options for professionals. Each product, from the Storm Lightweight Waterproof Jacket to the Protector Safety Glasses, serves a specific purpose while upholding the standards of protection and comfort that DeWalt is known for. The items detailed demonstrate a thoughtful approach to design, ensuring that whether you’re braving the elements or requiring high dexterity on the job, there is a DeWalt product suited to your needs. With the variety of options available, DeWalt showcases an impressive range of workwear that caters to different climates, work conditions, and personal preferences. This selection represents some of the best in their category and stands as a testament to the brand's dedication to innovation and user satisfaction. Whether you're in the market for robust safety gear or casual work attire that doesn't skimp on quality, DeWalt's lineup for 2023/2024 is definitely worth considering.

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