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Mascot Advanced Work Trousers

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      Mascot Advanced trousers have taken inspiration from the people who live and work with the sea and wind.  It is a Nordic inspired range of workwear that withstands wind, weather and meets the demand for freedom of movement which you require to be at your very best. Mascot Advanced pants are crafted to provide workmen and women of all professions with an unlimited freedom of movement similar to that of clothing for extreme sports. The design is inspired by surfers’ wetsuits and the durability and sturdiness are inspired by the indomitable fisherman’s extreme wind and weather conditions.

      Mascot Advanced Stretch Work Trousers - strong and lightweight Workwear Pants

      Mascot Workwear has reinvented the way to optimal comfort through the choice of fabric. Stretch is not completely new, but the combination of four-way stretch, high durability, low weight and a water-repellent surface in the trousers’ fabric is entirely unique.

      Mascot's newly developed super fabric 'quality 311' stretches in all directions and combines low weight with extreme durability. 

      The fabrics were developed intensively in the laboratory and tested on construction sites. Over and over again. The goal: to develop a fabric with entirely unique properties for stretch, strength and low weight that would work for craftsman of all trades

      Mascot’s fabric quality 311:

      • stretches in all directions, four-way stretch

      • feels soft and comfortable against the skin

      • is extremely sturdy and durable

      • is lightweight

      • gives the products an unsurpassed freedom of movement

      • has a water-repellent finish



      Tradesmen and women of the future must have the best workwear, and with the best workwear, everything is integrated.

      Everything is integrated In this workwear range - the best materials, functions and pockets.

      The newly developed kneepad pockets and additional details are created in synchronisation with the development of the ideal ergonomic fit. The pockets are therefore integrated – not attached. It is the foundation for not only the best fit, but also the most optimal functions. The clothing is designed to feel as comfortable as a second skin.

      Some of the key products in the range include:

      Mascot Advanced Trousers 17031-311  - These are Mascot Advanced Work Trousers with detachable holster pockets, four-way stretch. These trousers are a lightweight ergonomic fit

      Mascot Advanced 17079-311 Trousers with Kevlar/Dyneema kneepad pockets. With four-way stretch, the fabric is lightweight while extremely durable at the knees giving unique freedom of movement. 

      Mascot Advanced 17179-311 Trousers - Work pants with kneepad pockets, four-way stretch fabric. These are lightweight work trousers with extremely durable integrated pockets

      MASCOT Advanced Trousers delivered Worldwide

      Yes, we send Mascot Advanced Work Pants to the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and NZ as well as the across the UK. In fact we send them Europe-wide and across the globe.

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