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ISOtunes Hearing Protection

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      ISOtunes offers a range of hearing protection devices designed for use at work, which are compliant with UK and European standards. These devices are specifically certified to meet the EN 352 standard, a European regulation that sets requirements for hearing protection equipment to safeguard users from exposure to loud noises. All ISOtunes products available in Europe, including the UK, adhere to this standard, ensuring they provide a certain level of protection against noise while meeting safety and performance requirements.

      The ISOtunes range includes Bluetooth earbuds and earmuffs that are proven to effectively block external noise. This allows users to enjoy music or take calls in a noisy environment without compromising their hearing protection. Key features of various products in the range include:

      1. EN352 Certification: This certification confirms that the products meet European standards for hearing protection, ensuring they are suitable for use in workplaces with high noise levels.

      2. Noise Isolation and Communication Technology: ISOtunes products merge certified protection with cutting-edge communication technology, enhancing safety and productivity in the workplace. They are designed to isolate harmful noise while allowing users to stream music and take calls, offering a blend of protection and convenience​.

      3. Specific Product Features: For example, the ISOtunes FREE 2.0 model boasts a 31 dB SNR (Signal Noise Ratio), SafeMax™ Technology, up to 21 hours of battery life, IP45 sweat and water resistance, and compatibility with Siri/Google Voice. These features make it an ideal choice for a variety of work environments.

      4. Comfort and Convenience: Some products, like the AIR DEFENDER model, are noted for their comfortable and convenient design, being over 20% lighter than other ISOtunes ear defenders and offering 40 hours of listening and talk time. This is particularly beneficial for long hours in noisy work environments.

      In summary, ISOtunes provides a range of hearing protection devices that are not only certified to meet UK and European standards but also offer advanced features for comfort, convenience, and connectivity, making them ideal for various work-related applications where noise isolation and communication are essential.