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      Helly Hansen Work Pants

      As a leading Scandinavian workwear manufacturer, Helly Hansen creates high quality garments and apparel that assist workers worldwide. Their diverse range offers advanced environmental protection and, at the same time, the utility needed to carry out their job efficiently and in comfort.

      Thanks to Helly Hansen’s expertise in the clothing industry as well as their innovations with garment technology and fabrics, Helly Hansen work trousers offer top-level practicality and comfort. Helly Hansen have, amongst others, service trousers, construction trousers and traditional all-rounder work trousers in their portfolio.

      Helly Hansen Trousers Features and Fabric technologies

      To see HH’s expertise with clothing technologies, you need only look at their Helly Hansen trousers and what they are capable of.

      First, most wearers would likely agree that freedom of movement is a crucial aspect of their work outfit, increasing the ease of which tasks are possible whilst also contributing to the all-important comfort. One of the best ways to enhance mobility in trousers is to implement stretch material into the design, something that Helly Hansen does to great effect with their work trousers. Stretch often either comes in the form of 2-way stretch or 4-way stretch, the former increasing movement capability either lengthways or sideways and the latter allowing for enhanced movement in all directions.

      Also tying in with comfort and safety is the rather unique feature certain Helly Hansen work pants have, extendable legs. If work pants fit correctly, that not only makes them more comfortable but also safer, as the risk of the hem getting caught on something is lessened. 

      Moreover, increased comfort equals increased ease-of-movement. This feature is most commonly found on size C and D Helly work pants. To extend the legs, you’d simply remove a thread from the bottom of each trouser leg.

      To improve utility, many Helly Hansen work pants come with hanging tool pockets that reside on the side of the garment. These useful little holster pockets can be folded into the regular pockets or detached completely when not in use, then when needed can supply the wearer with extra tool and equipment space, easily within their reach. This works out being much more convenient than wearing an additional toolbelt or having to keep your toolbox within reach at all times, which isn’t always possible. What’s more, Helly Hansen hanging pockets can hold their fair amount of weight, having been reinforced with Cordura, increasing the lifespan of the pockets.

      Helly Hansen Waterproof Trousers

      Helly Hansen work trousers with HellyTech are fully waterproof and breathable, benefiting the comfort and practicality of the garment greatly. A pair of Helly trousers with HellyTech fitted is also breathable, so while it will prevent water or wind from getting inside the garment, it also manages to allow sweat vapour to exit the trousers. The Helly tech membrane has tiny holes in it that are so small they keep water molecules out as they are too large to get into the garment. However, sweat vapour molecules are smaller than these holes in the membrane, so they can leave the garment freely and keep the wearer cool. This helps ensure, keeping the wearer is well ventilated as well as being protected, even when highly active at work. The Manchester waterproof shell pants are a great example of a pair of Helly Hansen waterproof trousers, as they are equipped with HellyTech as well as having a storm flap for added rain defense.

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Trousers

      When you think of safety trousers, your mind may picture a hi vis garment, as it is one of the staples of workwear. Helly Hansen have ensured that their product ranges are comprehensive enough to include a multitude of hi vis variants and this included their trousers range. Helly Hansen Hi Vis Trousers like the Alna, UC-ME, ICU and Alta hi vis ranges as well as the well known Helly Hansen LUNA hi vis trousers include a variety of trousers within them, all of which are officially certified and graded as being effective hi vis workwear based on European regulations. The hi vis effect is achieved through a mixture of vibrant colours and reflective strips covering the outside of each pair. 

      Helly Hansen Trousers sizing

      Much akin to other European workwear manufacturers, Helly Hansen has trouser sizes split based on body shape, two different types for each gender. D sizes tend to have shorter legs and a wider waist, whereas c sizes are for those trousers with a longer leg and regular waistline, the typical fit designed to appeal to the taller, leaner worker. You can view the sizes, and convert between them, using the size charts on each of our Helly Hansen product listings.

      Helly Hansen Work Trousers delivered globally

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen pants to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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