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      Utilising their over 100 years of experience, Caterpillar Workwear creates effective work garments which are practical, durable, and modern. CAT applies the same quality and craftsmanship to their workwear as they do to their industrial equipment and consumer tools, so with heritage and prestige of proven reliability such as they have, you can guarantee Cat workwear will be suitable for whatever you throw at it.

      Famous for their casual style, topped off with their iconic branding, Caterpillar apparel is instantly recognisable. They are determined to continuously improve their processes and products to meet the needs of their ever-growing customer base. As part of this, Caterpillar clothing focuses on using the latest innovative fabric technologies to manufacture CAT apparel that works well in a variety of conditions.

      Caterpillar Workwear and their use of stretch and other fabrics in their workwear

      Our Caterpillar trousers and shorts have all been designed to follow the body’s movements, feeling unrestrictive and increasing freedom of movement. Many of these garments are able to achieve this through the variety of fabrics that Caterpillar incorporates into them, most notably stretch fabric. Stretch fabrics have allowed Caterpillar to slim down their trousers and shorts whilst not losing comfort. This technique also allows the wearer to be more agile when moving, making usually tough jobs in difficult positions a breeze. Another benefit of utilising stretch fabric is that, when placed in key areas, it can facilitate improved ventilation, ideal for working indoors or throughout summer.

      On the topic of summer, Caterpillar's range of materials makes clothes that are well-suited to different times of the year. Aside from freedom of movement and breathability, CAT also prepares you for summer by using insect repellent fabrics in their ranges. Keeping midges, ants, and flies off you will certainly eliminate a common issue when working outside in hot conditions. In winter, garments with added layers of material and padding will help keep out the cold.

      The performance fabrics which CAT use breathe easily and wicks moisture away from the body to the outside of the garment. Once outside the garment, the moisture will simply evaporate away.

      One such fabric Caterpillar has used in their workwear is bamboo fabric, which has its own natural protective properties. It naturally lets moisture out, is anti-odour and breathable. All these factors considered, bamboo fabric can keep you comfortable, clean, and dry.

      Caterpillar Coats – Waterproof and Windproof

      Having the correct clothes for each job is essential, which is why at our Workwear Gurus CAT workwear store we offer such a diverse range of products from this iconic brand. The CAT jackets and coats we stock have terrific resistances to rain, wind and in some cases water, whilst still being comfortable and warm on the inside thanks to insulation.

      A combination of different waterproof fabrics and specially treated fabrics can repel water and keep moisture out. Couple this with taped seams on all stitch lines and you have an absolute seal against the elements outside. The tape has the added effect of increasing your garment’s toughness and longevity.

      Similar advanced fabrics will also stop the wind from penetrating the material, only increasing the warmth felt by the wearer. When a Caterpillar garment is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and has taped seams, it is classed as being a storm blocker plus garment.

      Cat Boots and Cat Safety Shoes

      Let’s also not forget the exemplary and iconic CAT work boots, giving you grip and stability on uneven or hazardous ground. The boots alone have become a default for workers around the world, the first choice across many industries. Aside from featuring the usual CAT reliability, CAT boots come with a variety of features that help increase their practicality. These include having heat-resistant and flexible soles, steel-reinforced toe caps, and sturdy heels. Furthermore, CAT safety boots have even more standout characteristics, like using waterproof leather, foam insoles and padding around the ankles, and adding a scuff guard on the toe to increase the longevity of the CAT shoes.

      CAT safety and protection features

      Caterpillar understands that the workplace can be full of hazards, and ensures their workwear is prepared for them. Caterpillar Caps and hats, for instance, are made of material that blocks out ultraviolet rays to help keep you safe from sunburn and skin damage.

      In addition, CAT workwear has its own extensive hi-visibility range in which highly luminous and reflective material has been weaved into the CAT clothing, ensuring you are safe and seen in low light conditions.

      The bamboo fabric they use is also UPF compliant meaning it can safely block out the sun’s UV rays.

      Caterpillar apparel features

      Versatility is certainly something that Caterpillar brings to their clothing. Their coats and jackets may have easily detachable hoods, through either a zipper or a snap, which gives you options when wearing the coat. Little touches like this are apparent across all clothing ranges CAT provides. Another example is the dedicated phone pocket present in CAT Jackets, which have been added to keep your phone protected and on your person at all times of the working day. Additionally, the built-in wire management systems keep headphone wires out of your way while you work. Caterpillar’s well-designed coats even incorporate thumb holes on their sleeves, which is an opening specifically meant to allow you freedom of movement while working, yet still keep your hands warm from within your sleeve.

      Caterpillar clothing heritage and history

      Caterpillar themselves were founded in 1904 and has grown from two competing entrepreneurs innovating with new engine types to a Fortune 100 company, recognised across the world for their engines, turbines, and of course recognisable workwear. Today, they make over $5.7 billion per year across all of their departments. When you buy Caterpillar work clothes, you know you are buying from a brand with a firm grasp on what they do.

      Despite their rugged image, CAT clothing isn’t exclusively for the workplace. In recent years, Caterpillar has made an effort to manufacture increasing amounts of modern leisurewear. Items like hoodies and sweatshirts have the comfort to be worn off the worksite, proudly displaying the CAT logo all the while. Caterpillar really has tried to cater to everyone they can.

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar Hoodies to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe..

      We can deliver CAT products worldwide, from XS to 4XL. There are sizing charts in the product images for each and every item on or site to help you get the fit right for you.