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      Caterpillar glasses

      There are numerous hazards to protect against in working environments and protecting your eyes is certainly no exception. As part of this preparation, a pair of safety glasses can certainly be among the most important assets in the defense against potential eye injuries. Caterpillar sunglasses and CAT safety glasses are highly effective safety eyewear. In line with many items of the Caterpillar clothing range, they also try to ensure a stylish look where possible. 

      CAT safety glasses features

      The Caterpillar digger safety glasses are a great example of style and protection combined. The 2mm thick lenses are made from polycarbonate and absorb up to 99% of harmful Ultraviolet rays. The lenses also have anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, increasing the lifespan of the glasses. Furthermore, these Caterpillar sunglasses lenses are wide and wrap around to offer a much wider field of vision than is otherwise possible with regular lenses. The bridge, nose pad, and temple tips have all been made from PVC rubber, to provide cushioning so that the glasses are more comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. What's more, these glasses are one size fits all, as they have a fully adjustable temple length, which, in conjunction with the rubber sections, ensures comfort.

      Stepping further into the safety side of Caterpillar glasses, the blaze safety glasses are not just lightweight and comfortable but actually feature hi-vis, reflective sides. When working in low light conditions, safety is even more important so the reflective qualities of this pair make it a standout choice. Caterpillar even promises 100% optical lens clarity with these glasses, which is in part due to the anti-scratch and anti-fog nature of the lenses themselves.

      In need of customisable lenses? Perhaps because you are buying for multiple people? Then the Caterpillar tread protective eyewear is for you. These specs have a high degree of adjustment, especially for the lens angle and frame, which means you can get the ideal fit for yourself. This will improve both your comfort and the wearability of the glasses as a result. The lenses themselves are made from polycarbonate material which naturally blocks out all ultraviolet rays and is designed to allow for 180-degree vision. They have also been coated in both fogging and scratch-resistant coatings.

      The Caterpillar shield safety glasses are classic safety eyewear, done the Caterpillar way. The lens is high wrap molded to protect both the top and bottom of the eye. The lenses in these glasses are optical class 1, which is only given to the eyewear certified as being of the highest quality available and suitable for continuous use. Aside from the crystal clear transparency of the lenses, the pair are also hard coated on both sides of the lens to make them completely scratch resistant. These lenses in a one size fits all polycarbonate frame result in an excellent eyewear choice for just about anyone.

      Caterpillar Safety glasses materials

      Caterpillar uses a variety of different materials for their frames and lenses, each choice depending on what the purpose of each pair of glasses is.

      Polycarbonate is nearly as transparent as glass while being more durable than most plastics. You would need much less polycarbonate to have the same strength plastic would have in the lens. So when Caterpillar utilises polycarbonate they get a much lighter and thinner frame than they would if they used plastic lenses. In addition, polycarbonate is naturally resistant to ultraviolet rays, which is an excellent quality for lenses to have.  

      Caterpillar's blended nylon frames are both strong and lightweight. Not only that, they are highly resistant to both hot and cold conditions. Nylon is easily molded into whatever shape you need for the glasses, making them ideal for frames like the Caterpillar digger safety glasses which are an unconventional and modern design. 

      Caterpillar Glasses sizes

      Caterpillar safety glasses are available in a one size fits all format. 

      Caterpillar Glasses delivered worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Caterpillar Glasses to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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