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      Blaklader Workwear Jackets & other Blaklader Coats 

      Getting the right jacket for work is critical and Blaklader work jackets come in all styles to suit all trades and professions. A Blaklader jacket is not just a protective layer for your body. Blaklader indeed creates  some of the most durable and functional workwear - but Blaklader’s expert design also insists that they are also stylish and comfortable. No matter whether you work outdoors in harsh cold weather climates and need a fully lined, insulated winter work coat that protects against rain, snow, wind or cold or a lighter jacket that will protect you even n a warm and humid environment, Blaklader has a durable and extensive selection to choose for Men and Women. 

      Blaklader jackets and Blaklader coats for all environments 

      Blaklader has a huge assortments of work jackets that work for different conditions and technical requirements. No matter what your job entails - indoor, outdoor, summer, winter, rain or shine Blaklader coats are highly advanced pieces of kit. This means you’ll find a Blaklader workwear jacket to meet your needs, whether it’s a winter jacket, parka jacket, shell jacket or waterproof jacket as an outer later for more extreme elements of softshell jacket, knitted jacket or fleece jacket for either an additional layer or between-season jacket

      Choosing the right type of Blaklader jacket - different styles for different jobs

      Blaklader jackets come in a range of different styles - choosing the right one is very important for your particular line of work

      Blaklader Parka jackets

      Parka jackets are excellent options to keep you warm at work in the outdoors. Blaklader parka jackets are typically longer than ordinary winter jackets, and they provide extra protection from the cold at the lower back. Blaklader Parka coats also provide extra warmth at the top of the legs which can make a significant difference when it is really cold.

      Blaklader Winter Jackets

      Blaklader Winter Jackets - Blaklader winter coats give you ultimate protection against the elements. Many of the jackets are approved according to EN 342 and EN 343 - certification which shows they protect against the cold and harsh environmental conditions. Blaklader winter jackets will be insulated and lined, and will often be waterproof. It can be a bomber or pilot jacket style which will end above the waist giving complete freedom of movement. Or they can be longer to increase the level of insulation from the cold.

      Blaklader Softshell jackets

      Blaklader Softshell jackets are a stretchable and lighter material. They come available both as a winter softshell jacket with a thick lining, and a slightly thinner version, unlined, for all-round use. Either way, a good use of layering can help increase or decrease the level of warmth of a Blaklader softshell jacket, while still maintaining a breathable and prtotective layer

      Blaklader Waterproof Jackets

      Rain Jackets - As the name would suggest these are waterproof or water resistant coats. By definition, to be a waterproof jacket it must have taped seams that prevent water seeping though. Blaklader rain jackets have certification which shows how water-tight they are. Many are breathable with a membrane such as Gore-Tex that lets moisture out while still stopping rain and water from getting in. Blaklader Gore-tex jackets

      Blaklader Knitted Jackets

      Knitted jackets - Blaklader knitted jackets are known for being both stylish, hard wearing and very functional for work. They are composed of multiple layers of fabric: The outer layer is knit, the inside is often a membrane and lining which result in a jacket that is breathable, windproof and water-repellent. Knitted jackets are great alternatives to the classic softshell jackets as they are stretchy and flexible giving fantastic freedom of movement.

      Blaklader Fleece Jackets

      Blaklader Fleeces are great as an outer layer or as an extra insulation layer underneath a shell jacket depending on the conditions. This makes this a perfect jacket for cool mornings and evenings and during transitional months when weather conditions are ever changing.

      Blaklader Workwear Jackets with practical features for the workplace

      As well as features such as breathable wind & water-tight material, taped seams, mesh panels for ventilation many jacket shave dark panels in the areas which are most exposed to dirt, helping increase the wear time before a wash is needed. Some of the shell materials come with pre-bent sleeves, different heights of collar and removable and adjustable hoods, cuffs and hems. Linings are of different levels of warmth making Blaklader jackets suitable for summer, spring, autumn or winter - year round. Different fastenings include velcro and zippers that provide style and function for the particular jacket. Pockets are not an afterthought at all with many having chest pockets, pockets for cell phones, pens - and of course tool pockets.

      Work safety jackets - Certifications and properties

      Blaklader has a huge flame-retardant jacket selection. Many of jackets are not just fire or heat resistant but also have Multinorm properties. This means that they protect against a number of specific hazards to keep workers safe and protected in the workplace. Blaklader Welders jackets are well known for their specific profession, but Blaklader multinorm jackets are extremely practical for many industry jobs as well as construction, road workers and electricians. Multinorm protection can include anything from chemical protection through to static electric or other electricity protection. Fabrics including Ripstop and Cordura are used to strengthen core areas of the fabric, ensuring your body is kept safe and protected.

      Blaklader Hi Vis Jackets for visibility at work

      The Blaklader hi-vis jacket range is one of the most extensive in the world of workwear. Blaklader high visibility workwear is designed to keep the worker safe and seen, whether they are working in construction, highway workers, airport workers in the aviation industry, transport or any other sector. Blaklader Hi-viz jackets & coats also frequently have reflective tape of other reflective material to ensure maximum visibility and safety from a variety of hazardous environments. Blaklader hi vis coats come in yellow, orange and red - certification for maximum workplace visibility is available in all these colours. 

      Choosing the right size and colour for your Blaklader Coat

      Getting the right fit is crucial for style but also comfort and performance at work. Blaklader sizes go from XXS for the more smaller petite size through to 6XL in some ranges for plus size and larger people. The sizes change in proportion to dimensions of the body so that a good fit is made possible for all body shapes and sizes. Click to see the Blaklader size guide

      Likewise black, grey, khaki and blue are two of the most popular jacket colours as they don’t show dirt easily and are often easy to match with any other work clothes. However, jackets come in bright colours too and even the traditional white for Blaklader painter jackets or coats for plasterers. 


      Blaklader jackets direct worldwide with Workwear Gurus

      We serve country across the world so you can get the entire range of Blaklader online in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand,Europe and across the world. 

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