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      Blaklader Boiler suits, Work Coveralls & Overalls

      Blaklader has a huge range of coveralls for all trades and professions. Quality and durability are high - as you'd expect with such a quality manufacturer. As ever, products are covered by a lifetime guarantee on seams.


      Blaklader Coveralls - keeping your skin and clothing protected and covered at work: 

      Blaklader Overalls are a great solution to keep yourself and your clothes protected and safe in your workplace.

      Blaklader boiler suits keep the clothing, skin, and eyes of the workers clean and protected while at work. This leaves you free to wear your own comfortable clothing with practical layers for any temperature and conditions underneath. 


      Blaklader Boilersuits for all professions

      Every industry demands specific workwear according to the requirement of their work so that this can keep them safe while doing their jobs. Mechanics can make use of Blaklader Overalls to protect their skin and clothes from oil and other dirt.

      Some Blaklader overalls are waterproof, windproof and some are lined for colder conditions. These will protect from weather conditions of rain, snow and winter climates in general. Many of the overalls have knee protection pockets helping  tokeep your knees safe when kneeling. This is particularly useful for professions where you spend a lot of time working on your knees - from mechanics, electrician and other craftsmen and construction workers to industry and warehouse workers.


      Blaklader Workwear Overalls for safety

      Blaklader flame retardant overalls offer fully certified protection against fire, sparks and other heat hazards. Blaklader Multinorm overalls offer heat and flame resistance as standard but also offer protections against other hazards as well such as electric shock protection, harmful chemicals and more. You can see specific details of these on the products themselves.

      Be visible with Blaklader Workwear Coveralls

      Blaklader hi vis overalls and high visibility boilersuits ensure you can be seen in any environment to offer safety in the workplace and also when out with many moving hazards. Many of the Blaklader Hi-viz overalls also use reflective tape to increase level of visibility even further


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