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Base Work Boots

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      The go to choice for workers across many industries; work boots are a key indicator of the quality and reliability of the brand they belong to. I’m pleased to say that Base boots are well known for high quality and comfort.

      Like Base Safety Trainers and Shoes, Base work boots are split into clearly defined categories to make it a simple task to find the types of footwear needed for any profession. For example, the classic range focuses on offering strength and comfort and thus appeals to workers who need boots that just get the job done. Then there’s the KAPTIV range which utilises Base Protection’s Idaptive technology to offer dynamic comfort as a result of the boots adapting to suit the terrain they are being used on. You certainly won’t be lacking in choice.

      Practicality of the Base Boots range

      Base Protection footwear believes in innovation, which has led to them patenting their own technologies and techniques. They have utilised to great effect in their Base protection safety boots range. Their boots come with all kinds of features to provide a solution for a multitude of work environments.

      Work around water? Get Base work boots with Base sticking technology, meaning that the outsole is flat and doesn’t collect dirt or scratches. This means the wearer can work on more delicate surfaces without worrying about damaging them. In addition, the adverse cuts in sticking outsoles give them excellent adherence and slip resistance. This can prove invaluable when working around wet surfaces. To take it a step further, Base has a range of waterproof safety boots which use Base’s H2ST0P tech to keep moisture out of the boot.

      Base Safety Boots for all Environments

      What about boots for those summer days, or any kind of hot environment? Base has prepared their boots range for that as well. First, there’s the dry n’ air system, which pushes moisture generated by the feet to the outside of the boots, helping keep feet free of moisture. This is often paired with Base’s anti-odour lining, titled Smellstop, to create an end product that is anti-bacterial and breathable.

      Typical safety features are also implemented into these boots with a Base touch. For example, a toe cap is mandatory on all safety footwear so Base have made the Slimcap metal-free toe cap, which provides the wearer protection from hazards but doesn't conduct heat or electricity and doesn’t weigh much either, allowing for you to be protected but not encumbered in your hot working conditions.

      Comfort of Base Work Boots

      While discussing the technologies Base use, we knew we had to mention the features that work towards Base footwear’s primary point of focus when it comes to their footwear, the comfort level. Base was founded on the belief that workers shouldn’t have to choose between being comfortable and having the features needed for their work, and their footwear features demonstrate this well.

      Dry n’ air has already been discussed, but there are other types of features that guarantee a comfortable wearing experience all day, like the TPU skin anti-fatigue sole which reduces the compactness of the outsole and gives it a more elastic feel producing a cushioning and anti-fatigue effect. Then there's the 4x4 footwear, which is solid and resistant to stress, abrasions and tearing. Whether it be gravel, mud or uneven surfaces, the 4x4 Base boots will see you through.

      Safety-certified Base Protection Boots

      Heightened by their research and development into their patented features, Base safety boots also possess the official European safety certifications to officially qualify them as safety footwear. Some of these certifications include HRO if they are heat resistant, ESD if they are anti-static, and SRC for slip resistance, the highest rating a piece of safety footwear can be awarded.

      We deliver the full Base Work Boots range worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Base safety boots to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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