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      Fleeces provide either an extra thermal layer for those colder days, or it can act as functional outer layers on its own on less chilly outings. With work fleeces, it’s up to the workers to decide how best to wear them, which can be changed on the fly if the weather changes. This emphasis on outdoors is why Regatta was already well-placed to create a successful Regatta fleece range, and it should come as no surprise that the Regatta professional fleece range is one of Regatta professional’s best selling ranges.

      Regatta Zip-up Fleeces

      Regatta work fleeces come in a variety of different styles, some better suited as comfortable middle layers, some built to be warm outer layers. One way to distinguish between the types of Regatta fleece is via the zips. Styles of fleece include half zip and full zip varieties. A Regatta full zip fleece like the Regatta Faversham full zip fleece is akin to a warm jacket and is the ideal option if you will regularly be changing layers, such as in unpredictable weather or if the outside job role involves working in a variety of environments. A Regatta half-zip fleece, such as the Thor overhead fleece, will be worn much like a jumper, with the half-zip only intended to control temperature rather than be a means to wear the fleece. Regatta were sure to include their workwear features across both varieties of fleece, so you can choose whichever type you prefer and you won’t be missing out.

      Regatta Heavyweight and Lightweight Fleeces

      The feel of your fleece is an important part of the decision making process, as it needs to be both comfortable and suited to your working requirements. Thanks to Regattas 40 years of experience, they know which fabric and materials to use for different garments based on the locations and conditions they are designed for. A regatta heavyweight fleece, such as the sigma heavyweight fleece, has been created out of anti-pill fabric, giving the garment a long lifespan. When a fleece is anti-pill, it has been treated to resist “bobbling” that may otherwise occur when the fleece is subject to wear and tear over time. Regatta professional heavyweight fleeces are quick-drying, making it a great option as an outer layer and the inclusion of fleece cuffs adds further onto the cozy feel of these types of fleece. If you want more of a middle layer, a Regatta lightweight fleece, like the Regatta Salamba fleece may be more suitable for you. Lightweight fleeces such as these are less bulky yet just as comfortable as their heavyweight cousins, thanks to the inclusion of stretch material and the retention of features like quick-dry, to keep moisture away from your skin.

      Regatta Navy Fleeces, black fleeces - the full colour range

      Regatta have fleeces available in a multitude of colours; everything from the classics to more vibrant colour tones. Opt for a Regatta black fleece or Regatta navy fleece to keep a minimalist, classic look or for a vibrant hi vis appearance, why not check out a Regatta red fleece? Aside from style, these colours can also be used to match your workwear to the corporate identity of your brand, enabling you to maintain a consistent appearance.

      Regatta Work Fleeces - Review from the Workwear Gurus

      As with other product types, Regatta has applied their industry knowledge to this garment to create a solid selection of work fleeces for those outdoor workers. They have used sustainable fabrics and keep their carbon footprint to a minimum when manufacturing these fleeces. Regatta’s Honestly Made range demonstrated Regatta’s thoughtfulness towards corporate responsibility best, with some of the fleeces, such as the Honestly-Made recycled micro full zip fleece, being created out of 100% recycled fabric! It’s safe to say that when you purchase a Regatta professional fleece, you are purchasing a quality garment made by a company that cares.

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