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      Mascot Workwear Coats & Mascot Work Jackets

      There’s a huge assortment of Mascot workwear jackets in the range. Mascot work coats are designed for a variety of weather conditions and professions. If you need a lightweight jacket for the warm spring and summer months or a warm jacket for the cold autumn and winter months, there is a Mascot work jacket that will suit you. So, whether you work outside on site in construction or transport. Or a trade where you are needing to move between different environments, you’ll find a Mascot work jacket that fits your specific needs.


      Mascot Winter jackets for the cold, wet, wind and snow.

      Mascot winter jackets and Mascot parka jackets give you ultimate protection against the elements. 

      These Mascot work coats are insulated and are packed with features to make the working day easy.  Some Mascot parka work jackets contain removable quilted lining or pile lining, enabling you to work with changing conditions and temperatures. If you are wanting to really protect against the elements, consider a Mascot parka jacket with a removable or lined hood. Drawstrings help in the bitter cold as the hood can be pulled tight and keep head around your head. 

      To ensure full protection against cold and rain, many Mascot workwear jackets are waterproof or water repellent, windproof. Some Mascot jackets have triple-layer material with taped seams, to make them completely waterproof. Look out for EN 342 and EN 343 certification to guarantee  protection against the cold and rain. Many Mascot coats are fully breathable helping to get rid of excess heat and moisture and thereby remain warm and dry when you are active at work. 

      As an additional feature , many are coated with dirt-repellent and water-repellent materials which help give Mascot work jackets a long service life.

      Other jackets in the range include Mascot pilot jackets - durable and weather protective but shorter in length.


      Mascot Waterproof clothing - the Mascot Waterproof jacket

      All MASCOT waterproof jackets are certified according to EN 343. This certification guarantees you can use the rain jacket in all kinds of weather. Whether you are active or sitting around  when wearing your work clothes, you are guaranteed that your waterproof jacket from Mascot keeps the rain out throughout the day.

      If you are out and about the whole day, it is important to have a breathable rain jacket that can transport the moisture away from the body and keep your body dry, so you do not risk getting wet and cold.

      Mascot waterproof jackets are breathable rain jackets often with ventilation in the back so you can easily get rid of moisture. The waterproof jackets have welded seams so there is no risk of water penetrating the seams.

      You will also find Mascot Hi Vis waterproof rain jackets with reflective materials. 

      Mascot softshell jacket range includes Mascot hi Vis Softshells

      A very popular collection of Mascot jackets, the Mascot softshell collection is regarded by many as industry leading. The Mascot Dresden and Mascot Blackpool Softshell jacket is one particular popular item but here are also a whole host of Mascot Hi Vis softshell jacket options to choose from.

      Mascot Fleece Jacket and Mascot Knitted jackets 

      Great for transitional periods or as part of a clothing layering strategy, Mascot offer an assortment of fleece jackets and knotted jackets. Fleeces are comfortable to wear as they are produced in a soft and insulating material and several styles with anti-pilling, which guarantees that your fleece jacket does not shed. Many of Mascot’s fleece jackets are breathable, windproof and water-repellent in order to protect you against all the elements- these are jackets that are perfect for both cool and damp working days.

      Mascot knitted jackets are composed of three layers of fabric: The outer layer is knit, the inside is fleece and between the two is a membrane. This produces a jacket that is breathable, windproof and water-repellent. Mascot knitted jackets excellent alternatives to the classic softshell jackets. Some knitted work jackets from Mascot incorporate stretch material that makes the jacket even more flexible.


      Mascot Hi Vis Jackets - be Safe and Visible at Work

      Mascot have a lot of jackets as part of the Mascot Hi Vis Workwear range. If you work in certain professions such as in construction, transport or roadside safety and visibility is critical - day and night. Many Mascot hi vis jackets are EN ISO 20471 certified with fluorescent yellow, orange and red colours on offer. Reflective materials are used to ensure high visibility jacket performance at night time.

      Several of Mascot hi-vis jackets are treated with Teflon. This provides a dirt repellent surface that keeps the clothes clean and you visible for a longer period of time. 

      Other Safety features of Mascot Work Jackets

      If your work requires a jacket that is both anti-static, acid-resistant and flame-retardant, you will also find a Mascot work jacket that is multi-protective.