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      Helly Hansen Work Jackets

      Helly Hansen is a brand that has built themselves an industry-leading reputation in offering extreme protection from weather and environmental hazards. The brand was originally created over 140 years ago to hold of the harsh Norwegian elements and has been providing consistent protection ever since. It is currently the most popular apparel brand among ski professionals and is also widely used by sailors thanks to its waterproofing and lightweight appeal. As such Helly Hansen have developed a comprehensive range of different garments, with HH jackets being one of the most important among them.

      This wealth of experience that has kept Helly Hansen at the forefront of the outdoor apparel world naturally applies itself excellently to the world of workwear. The jackets Helly Hansen manufacturer for work employ techniques and builds that are already utilised in other Helly Hansen jackets. But in this case, Helly have added useful workwear features as well to create a range of quality workwear jackets that are prepared for whatever you can throw at them.

      Helly Hansen Waterproof Jackets

      Anyone working outdoors needs to be prepared for adverse weather. With this in mind, perhaps the most significant feature of your work jacket is waterproofing. Helly Hansen waterproof jackets achieve effective waterproofing down to a mix of the materials used in the builds of the jackets and features applied during the manufacturing process.

      From a material standpoint, it’s highly likely that a Helly Hansen rain jacket will have a Helly Tech performance membrane in its built. A HellyTech membrane acts as the outermost layer of a rain jacket. It provides waterproofing and windproofing while retaining the ability to allow for moisture vapor from under the jacket to escape. Not only is the wearer successfully protected from the elements, but they get to remain cool while they work. 

      As for additional inclusions, Helly Hansen raincoats tend to be fitted with storm flaps, which further increases water and wind protection in the areas that need it most. Waterproof jackets feature taped seams, where the seams of the garment are sealed to prevent water entering the coat. Even something as simple as an extended back can reduce the annoyances of weather even more. If you find a Helly Hansen waterproof coat that has all these features, such as the Oxford waterproof shell jacket, it’s almost guaranteed that the elements can’t get to you through it.  

      Different types of Helly Hansen Coats

      Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean style doesn’t matter. Different types of jacket will excel in certain locations and across various industries, so it’s important to look for the correct Helly Hansen jacket for you.

      Firstly, there is one of the more popular types of jacket; softshell jackets. Softshell material is inherently lightweight yet still possesses the durable, waterproofing quality that makes rain coats so desirable. Thanks to their lightweight, softshell jackets are easier to move around in and allows them to have a high degree of breathability, great for both practicality at work and helping the wearer remain comfortable all day.

      Given the brand’s long history with winter apparel, Helly Hansen Winter jackets are an obvious success. To create these jackets, HH have utilised pile lining and fleece material across their ranges to help the coat retain heat and the wearers comfort. Helly Hansen insulated jackets have access to Helly’s propriety LIftaloft insulation which keeps you warmer without need for excessive padding or weight to be added. This is in addition to the many staple features included in the Helly Hansen waterproof jackets range, such as storm flaps and taped seams.

      And from a style standpoint, you can get a Helly Hansen puffer jacket, reversible coat or Helly Hansen Parka jacket that suits your workplace and your personal taste and needs.

      Helly Hansen Work Jackets for everyone

      Helly have work jackets and coats for everyone, with an extensive range of options for all genders and a variety of colours on offer.

      If you need a Helly Hansen women’s jacket, look no further than the Luna workwear collection, which has been designed by women, for women from the ground up to achieve the best fit possible. There are hi-vis jackets, fleece jackets and softshell jackets here, practically all you could need, and they don’t compromise in any way on the included features. HH mens jackets are created with the same attention to detail and will help you keep comfy and prepared for long work days.

      The jackets Helly Hansen make also come in a comprehensive selection of colours, so you can wear the colours you want to. Need a Helly Hansen Black jacket? No problem. What about a Helly Hansen yellow jacket that is hi vis certified? We’ve got that as well. From a brand standpoint, this also means it is increasingly easy to get your workforce equipped in brand colours. You can take this to the next step with our custom embroidery services. Simply drop us a message and we’ll see how we can help you!

      Helly Hansen Hi Vis Jackets

      Stay safe and seen thanks to a Helly Hansen hi vis jacket. All the jackets in this range have been thoroughly tested in accordance with EU regulations and have been certified as hi vis, being awarded varying levels of the EN ISO 20471 safety standard based on how effective they are as hi vis garments. The main ways a Helly Hansen high vis jacket comes to meet these benchmarks is the choice of vibrant colour, orange and yellow being the most frequently seen in the workwear industry, and the additional reflective material used in the build, which may include reflective piping or strips.

      Helly Hansen Work Trousers delivered globally

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen coats to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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