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      It’s not hard to look good and feel comfortable at work. Or at least it shouldn’t be with the right gear. Whether as a bottom, middle or outer layer, a work shirt almost always has a place in a workers wardrobe. Helly Hansen t shirts and polo shirts are designed for a variety of tough workwear environments and the sheer variety in the range means you can almost certainly get a shirt that will be of use to you. This should come as no surprise from such a well-known, experienced and quality manufacturer.

      The types of Helly Hansen Shirts

      From the essential and affordable Helly Hansen Manchester t shirt, to the feature packed Addvis hi vis polo that is comfortable, flexible and highly visible all at once, this range is filled with potential. If you want to maintain a smart and professional appearance, you can’t go far wrong with a Helly Hansen polo shirt like the Kensington or Oxford polos. 

      As for the ever-adaptable t shirts, Helly Hansen t-shirts can come in both long and short sleeve, so choose whatever type you prefer - or both, based on their particular need or use. If the weather is a bit unpredictable and you don’t want to get caught out, wear a short sleeve that you can layer over if need be. If its too cold for a short sleeve but too warm for a jumper, go with a Helly Hansen long sleeve t shirt like the Kensington longsleeve.

      The features of Helly Hansen T-Shirts and Shirts

      Being one of the most popular types of garment, it’s no surprise that Helly Hansen have applied special workwear touches to the majority of their shirts range. While the Manchester and Kensington shirts are a brilliant choice for those who need a t shirt, some workers need specific features and characteristics in order to carry out their job roles.

      The Lifa active hi vis polo shirt is a great example of a Helly Hansen polo that has these features in spades. Firstly, and literally ‘visible’ from looking at the shirt, this polo is hi vis. It has attained class 2 on the EN ISO 20471:2013 safety certification, proving it has the fluorescent colour and reflective strips necessary to be deemed as an effective hi vis polo shirt

      The Lifa shirt also possesses the EN 13758-2:2003 safety certification, proving it as being effective at shielding the wearer from harmful UV rays thanks to its UPF 50+ rating. Pairing this with the Lifa Active breathability technique makes this shirt a great choice for active workers who will be outside in the heat for long periods of time, allowing them to remain cool and simultaneously safe from potential sun damage.

      Helly Hansen t shirts have many further workwear-specific features built into them. The Fakne flame retardant hi vis shirt lives up to its name by sporting a longsleeve design and having the EN ISO 11612:2015 qualification as proof that it can protect the wearer from flames. In conjunction with this flame retardant nature, this shirt also is anti-static and carries the IEC 61482-2:2009 certification as proof. No matter what you need from it, there’s likely a Helly Hansen shirt out there for you.

      Helly Hansen Shirts you can wear anywhere

      What’s so unique about t shirts and shirts specifically, is that Helly’s range is both highly functional and also very stylish in our opinion. The collection includes plenty of shirts that are designed specifically for the workplace - yet look great either in or outside of work. The Kensington and Manchester ranges are good examples of this. You’re certainly increasing your value for money when you consider getting something you can wear comfortably outside of work as much as onsite.

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      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Helly Hansen work shirts and polos to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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