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Blaklader T-Shirts - Short & Long Sleeve

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      Blaklader Work T-Shirts

      Blaklader T-shirts offer all day freshness. Some have anti-odour properties keeping you fresh all day as the material is moisture transporting, quick-drying. Some are UV-protecting T-shirts against the sun’s rays. Comfortable to wear and is perfect for warm temperatures. Fabrics in the garment gives a UV-protection that corresponds to at least SPF 40.

      You'll find a full selection from basic cotton T shirts, Blaklader Hi Vis T-shirts, Polo shirts and more.

      Blaklader Hi Vis T-shirts

      Blaklader high-visibility t-shirts are not just cool and comfortable to work in, they also excel at transporting moisture away from the body, boast a built-in UPF of 40+ and extra-stretchy reflectors.

      However, maybe best of all: the material counteracts body odour, to keep you fresh all day long. The fabrics in the garment provide UV protection equivalent to the minimum sunscreen factor 40 according to EN 13758-2 and the garment is certified according to EN ISO 20471 - Protective clothing with high visibility.

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