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      Blackrock Advance Glove Collection

      Each Blackrock glove is made with a specific industry in mind, and as such, uses different materials to provide a range of specific properties and characteristics that will help workers across a multitude of professions. Latex crinkle palm gloves, or those with a nitrile palm offer excellent grip. The range of Blackrock gloves that are ‘watertite’ offer full waterproofing to the wrist level, enabling you to handle operations in or around water with a greater degree of precision and without the risk of water getting into your glove. Then there are cut-resistant gloves which are reinforced to prevent abrasions. And of course, we can’t talk about gloves without mentioning the classic gloves. Aside from the typical latex, many of the disposable gloves in this range are made from powder-free non-sensitising nitrile, making them an ideal choice for handling solvents, oil and grease.

      Blackrock’s glove range, especially the Blackrock advance gloves, possess many safety certifications that ensure their effectiveness. One of the most common glove safety certifications is EN 388:2016. This certification rates how well a glove protected against various mechanical risks that the wearer may be subject to in the field. For example, gloves can only attain this certification if they are proven to be abrasion resistant, blade resistant and impact resistant, not to mention against tears and punctures.

      To test against abrasions, sandpaper is applied to the glove with a set amount of pressure in cycles until an abrasion appears. The level of abrasion resistance is rated on a scale between 1-4, with 4 being the highest level that can only be obtained if the gloves in question have held up without abrasion for 8000 cycles! The cut resistant test uses a circular blade moving horizontally across a sample of the glove fabric, with a fixed force of 5 Newtons applied to the blade. The test is complete when the blade has broken through the material, and if the blade has gone for 20 different passes, the glove is awarded the highest level of cut protection there is, that being level 5. There are similar tests in place for impact and puncture protection to name a couple, as well as more specific glove safety certifications such as EN 511:2006 which measures the gloves success in the cold.

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