Blaklader 2460 Shoe Insole Comfort - Mens (24601019) -

Blaklader 2460 Shoe Insole Comfort - Mens (24601019)

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Insole designed for a low, neutral or high arch and gives maximum cushioning. The sole is moisture wicking, provides heel support and have a foot bed memory foam.

Material Composition



High arch
Low arch
Neutral arch
Footbed memory foam
Heel support
Moisture wicking
Shock absorbing
Maximum cushioning


High arch
Low arch
Neutral arch

Ideally suited for the following professions

Craftsman,Industrial Worker,Driver,Gardener,Road Worker,Construction Worker,Warehouse Worker,Mechanic,Plumber,Cleaner,Bricklayer,Tile Layer,Electrician,Sheet Metal Worker,Roof Layer,Fisherman,Floor Layer,Painter,Concrete Worker,Lumberjack,Welder

Key Product Features

Moisture-Wicking, Toe Cap

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