Rain & Over Trousers

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      33 products

      Rain and Over Trousers

      Rain pants and over trousers are used for outdoor work in all kinds of weather protecting against against rain, wind, sleet and snow. When working outdoors, you need workwear that can be adapted according to the weather, and hereto the over trousers are an obvious choice, as they can quickly and easily be pulled over your work trousers.

      Breathable, windproof and waterproof trousers

      Most of our Rain pants and over trousers are 100% windproof and waterproof with taped seams - check the individual products for details. Many are certified according to EN 343, which ensures that you are optimum protection - even in pouring rain. Breathable properties, which is important when you are physically active in cold environments, so you can get rid of moisture and maintain a high level of comfort, remaining dry under your rain trousers all day. Materials like GORE-Tex are fantastic for this. This provides an ultra-thin membrane layer of Teflon which helps to allow water vapour through for fantastic breathable properties, but is capable of beading water off of the surface of the fabric.These unique characteristics are what Gore-Tex Trousers are known best for, making for a versatile, breathable rain trouser.

      We also have a huge range of over trousers in Hi-Vis fluorescent colours (yellow, orange and red) and with reflectors - especially suitable for those people who work around heavy traffic and machinery. These rain pants are approved in accordance with the visibility standard EN ISO 20471to ensure that you remain visible and safe throughout the work day

      Many over trousers come with a number of practical features and details that make your work day more comfortable. The pants have several functional details including ruler pocket and hammer loop, so you have easy access to your tools. You will also find over trousers with kneepad pockets so you can protect your knees optimally — even when you need to quickly pull the weather protective trousers over your work trousers.

      Some of our trousers also have extra long zippers with storm flaps at the legs, which makes it easy to use the trousers when wearing boots.

      Wet weather work clothing such as waterproof trousers are ideal for working dockside, in agriculture, roadside, in airports or a number of outdoor professions and trades.