Fleece Jumpers

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      111 products


      When you need workwear to keep the heat in - you won't find many better options than a fleece. Good fleece jumpers are indispensable for craftsmen and tradesmen who work outdoors, and need a thermal layer to keep extra warm.

      They are also very flexible, worn on less chilly days as the outer layer or on cold days as an insulating layer under a winter jacket.

      Modern or slim fit fleece jumpers make sure that the heat will be kept close to the body, but classic fit do a sterling job too. The introduction of stretch fabric and the form cut sleeves give you a fantastic freedom of movement, Elastic cuffs on sleeves help keep wind and cold out. Look for holes for the thumbs on some fleeces so the sleeves can be pulled down over the hands and further protect from the cold.

      Many of our fleece jumpers are made of high-quality materials that do not shed – look specifically for anti-pilling mentions on products in our range.