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      Base is an Italian safety boot and shoe brand that employs modern footwear manufacturing techniques and industry-recognised materials to create specialist safety footwear that meets workwear demands across a whole multitude of industries. Their range has been developed through extensive research, planning, and considerable industrial innovation. This includes the development of their own technologies, such as TPU Skin anti-fatigue soles and the idaptive smart adaptive system which adds stability to the foot by responding to the terrain the wearer is walking on. 

      The various footwear ranges Base manufactures covers boots, trainers, and shoes of all shapes and sizes, each assigned to a collection with a specific core idea behind them. For example, the “Platinum” range specialises in keeping the foot dry and safe in extreme conditions, while the “Classic” and “Classic Plus” collections offer traditional all-rounder shoes capable of being worn in a wide variety of circumstances. As you might expect from Italian design, Base even offers elegant and robust “oxford” shoes which look great for office work and meetings but don’t by any means compromise on workwear features.

      Base Safety Boots and Shoe Features

      It’s always important to be aware of common workplace hazards, but sometimes awareness alone isn’t enough. This is why a lot of these widely used safety features are designed around combating such dangers. Firstly, the vast majority of Base’s safety footwear is anti-static. This is to prevent an electrical build-up and help disperse any electricity that is picked up regardless, which potentially could, if not checked, result in damage to machines, equipment, or a colleague. 

      Then we have the toe cap and outsole. Made from either steel or a composite material, these safety features protect the wearer's feet from collisions, falling objects, and any sharp objects on the ground. All Base footwear toe caps are equipped to handle at least a 200-joule impact, in accordance with EN ISO 20345 guidelines for safety footwear. The outsoles are puncture-resistant, which is excellent for workers surrounded by potential hazards as is the case on building sites or in engineering plants. It is also a necessity for Base’s footwear (in accordance with EN ISO 20345:2011) to be hydrocarbon resistant and to include an element of shock absorption in the heel of the shoe to lessen fatigue and increase stability whilst walking.

      Base Safety Boots Technologies

      Base are keen industry innovators and have come up with their own footwear technologies, which they have deployed to great effect across their ranges for years, The Idaptive foot system keeps the foot in the correct position and stable by cushioning each step and adapting to the current terrain. Even fatigue is reduced, by cleverly using the pent-up, absorbed energy from the wearer's movement to give you pushback on each step you take, meaning each step is less effort for you, and your whole working day gets easier.

      Base safety shoes also patented the  Dry’n Air sole. Thanks to small air holes on the bottom of the shoes, warm air is pushed out of the shoe while fresh air can enter through the footbed. This results in a more comfortable wearing experience because humidity has been removed (keeping your feet dry) and your feet are able to remain cool (Air). This fresh feeling can be enhanced further if the shoe in question is lined with Base’s SmellStop anti-odor lining, which prevents bacteria and fungus from growing in your shoes, in turn increasing your foot health.

      Base Safety Boots

      Base have plenty of differently styled boots, with both widely utilised features, and features exclusive to each boot specifically. This section can easily be identified as specific types of work boots, such as Base rigger boots or Base Hiking boots; each with features that make them an optimal choice of footwear for more intensive working environments, as all workwear boots should strive to.

      One of the most important parts of said working environment is the temperature. Base safety boots, such as the B0120 - Bach, B0745 Elk Rigger boot, and the B0895 be-dry mid boots all contain some degree of protection against freezing or boiling temperatures; and in the case of some of them, both extremes are prepared for. Cold insulation used on Base work boots protects the wearer from temperatures of up to -17 degrees, by keeping the wearer's feet heated. At the other end of the heat spectrum, there’s the one minute’s worth of 300-degree heat resistance these boots may have. To allow for the boot to be usable at such an extreme temperature a rubber heat resistant outsole is required, which many Base boots and shoes have. For a more permanent fix, you can invest in Base safety boots that have heat insulation equipped, as they are capable of prolonged exposure to temperatures of up to 150 degrees.

      Due to their rugged nature, it’s not surprising that Base work boots are often treated to become fully waterproof, or at the very least water-resistant. Boots like the B0745 Elk rigger boot have a water-resistant upper to prevent water penetration, but there are also Base boots that use water-resistant full-grain leather to create a shoe purpose-built to be water-resistant all over.

      A different type of boot entirely is the B0652 Base dealer boot, with the classic dealer boot design along with Base’s hygiene and safety characteristics like Smellstop anti-odor and the anti-fatigue airtech outsole.

      Base Safety Trainers

      While still sporting the Base safety features, Base work trainers are styled as more casual, yet capable footwear options. One of Base’s most prominent work trainer ranges is their “Record” range, which names each lightweight, anti-fatigue shoe in its arsenal after activity it is purpose built for; a great decision that makes finding the right Base trainer for your needs substantially more of a streamlined process. Great examples include “swim” which has a fresh’n flex midsole and uses velcro to make taking them on and off around water a breeze. 

      Base Safety Shoes

      If boots are meant as the more sturdy footwear choice, intended for rigorous activity, and Base safety trainers are the casual or smart looking shoe that happens to include essential workwear features; Base shoes are certainly the all-rounders that can appear on either end of this spectrum.

      On the smart side, we have the Base Oxford range. Intended for those job roles with office meetings, discussions, and visitations whilst still needing feet protection, the Oxford range consists of robust and effective safety footwear for professionals that doesn't compromise a professional appearance. Shoes like the B1501 embody these oxford principles well, looking and acting like a subtle leather shoe but having a water-resistant upper, a 100% non-metal build that protects electronics, and the 200-joule industry-standard toe cap. All this is without mentioning the Base-specific features we’ve come to expect from their footwear, such as an AirTech sole and Smellstop anti-odor lining.

      Looking at the more rugged side of the Base work shoe offerings, we can find them in most of the Base collections, from classic to smart. Examples like the B0889 Twinkle blend the lower-form factor of trainers with the work-centric nature of Base work boots to create a shoe that stands out. The Twinkle safety shoe is not only metal-free, and comes with the expected essential safety requirements, but also contains the environmental protection of the boots range, such as its heat and cold insulation protecting the shoe from temperatures ranging all the way from -17 degrees up to 150 degrees. Additionally, the Base B0889 safety shoe can withstand up to one minute in the extreme heat of 300 degrees! Base work shoes are definitely a brilliant all-around option if you are interested in Base’s footwear portfolio.

      Base Protection Footwear Delivered Worldwide

      At Workwear Gurus, we deliver Base footwear to a wide variety of locations across the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, India, and the UAE. In fact, we send them Europe-wide and across most of the globe.

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